Which Virtual Reality Device Is Best For iPhones?

Which virtual reality device is best for iPhones? Well, there are a few we recommend that are perfect for iPhone use.

There are many VR headset like Bnext, Samsung gear, Oculus Rift, utopia 360 etc in the market right now. All claims to be the best of their kind. But how to choose the best one of all. Selection of the best VR can be done on many parameters like based on price,  features, build quality etc.

The best word is also not the same for all the person. It also keeps on changing person to person according to his or her need. Some people go for a device which comes under budget and some go for the features and they are ready to pay for what they want. Some people go for the device which is owned by his or her friend and some are influenced by the advertisement of the device. But one very common way to select the best is to go with the best selling brand and model.

Now if we talk about the best selling VR, here comes a name utopia 360. This VR headset goes very handy with most of the iPhones. Although it does not have all the features of an ideal VR, it's the most popular model in the market among the buyers. It comes with a very sturdy body and nice look. It's very popular among the iPhone users also due to its compatibility with the iOS platform.

How to Select the Best VR for iPhones?

Which one would be more good or which one will be less? There are many things on the basis of which a product must be considered before buying.

Most of the VR is equipped with all the all basic features. This basic feature includes better viewing, better lens, sturdy build quality, no discomfort while handling, flawless blue tooth connectivity etc.

These are some qualities we should keep in mind to check for the best VR. On the basis of these qualities which model I am going to suggest to you is the utopia 360.

Which Virtual Reality Device Is Best For iPhones
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Where to buy it from

This product can be purchased either from the offline market or from online shops. In the online market, this amazing VR headset is available in many shops like ebay.com, Amazon. Our top recommended source is Amazon. The reason being is timeliness of delivery and dependability. Furthermore, Amazon is the leader in the online product purchasing space.

Features of the device

The basic device is like a small box which has one magnetic door. It consists of lenses, a dock with a magnetic door, side screws to adjust the gaps between the lenses, scrolling button to rotate the door for opening the camera to take pictures,  padded straps for fitting the device over your eyes and head, eye-protecting pads. The dimensions of the basic utopia 360 models with model number ETVRCB is 22.1×16.5×11.7 cm

How to use the device

The device can be used with smartphones. Open the app in the mobile and then connect the mobile blue tooth with the remote of the device. Now put the mobile inside the dock of the device and close the magnetic door. Now mount the device over your eyes and head with the help of the straps provided in the device. Now you are all set to explore a world of virtual reality.

Its comes under the budget of  3500 INR. This model comes with an additional feature of an earbud. Touch control feature is available on it's higher variant. So, which virtual reality device is best for iPhones? We believe the Utopia 360 is one of the top selections in the market today.

Additional Perks

This device is very helpful while travelling. It would be a great help for people doing a road trip. Videos watched through the lens of this device will give you never before experience. It will prove to be a great device when you will play the VR games over it. There are much more things in this which can be felt easily while using the device.

If you want to go to the next level of great experience, you can go for the higher variant of this model too. In that model, you will find some extra feature also. These features include touch controller and bass booster padded headphones.

Bass Booster will enhance the sound quality of the games and videos.Touch controller is to use it for playing games. When you will play the live interactive games, it can be used to sense your touch and instantly transfer your touch in the game. With the help of this controller, you can play the game by using your different-different gesture to give the respective commands in the game. With the help of this controller, you will be more active while playing the video game as it would be necessary to move your hands in the air to give a command.

Why Go with The Virtual Reality Concept?

We all know that there are pros and cons of almost each and everything. This device is also not out of that category. After reading these pros and cons you can easily conclude which is the best device for your iPhone.


This device helps us to feel the virtual world in reality. This device enhances the viewing experience of the videos or pictures. It also proves very handy while studying and viewing some very complex images in detail. It can also be used as a virtual classroom. In this virtual classroom we can study just like studying in any normal class but with more consciousness without any interruption.


This device is so lovely that you will just love it and others will hate it as you will give more time than any other similar device.

If you got some extra budget You may try Bnext, or panasonite also but in the low price segment and best feature device, utopia 360 would be a great choice to go for.

One thing you need to care about is to choose the compatible apps only as if the app won't support any device will give you the desired result. So, which virtual reality device is best for iPhones? We hope we have answered that question in this post.

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