Where to Buy VR Headset Systems Worth the Money?

Where to buy VR headset systems worth the money? Detailed Discussion

VR headsets are getting common nowadays. Now you can see many types and brands. There are many VR headsets available in online stores. There are different types of devices and for them, there are different types of VR headset. For PCs, there are different headsets. Likewise, there are different headsets for different devices. So, you need to select the best product according to your needs. People often get confused, and they don’t know, “Where to buy a VR headset?” So, we are going to discuss it in detail and by the end of this article, you will have an idea from where to buy a VR headset.

Buying a VR headset is not that easy, you need to take care of the compatibility, quality, features, price and much more. But the most important is from where you can buy the headset. The rest of the factors come after deciding the place for buying the headset. Some people like to buy a headset from marts while some like to choose on from online stores. So, we are going to clear all your confusions here. Let’s start.

Where to Buy a VR Headset Systems?

This is a common question that many people ask. The reason is simple, VR headsets are expensive, and no one wants to waste the money. So, people wonder where they should buy a headset. Let’s answer some common questions.

Why marts and stores are not the best options?

In stores and mart, you don’t have much time to compare products and arrive at a conclusion. You can get the wrong product as well. You cannot compare prices. There are not multiple sellers like in online stores. It is hard to read the specification and learn about the product in a short time. So, stores and marts are not good for buying a VR headset.

Should you purchase a VR headset from an Online Store?

Yes, there we recommend purchasing the VR headset from online stores. Because in online stores you can compare different products. There are a variety of products and you can select the best one for your use. You can also see the reviews of people and figure out the flaws and issues with the products. It also helps you to compare prices from different sellers. You can get the best price and sometimes a discount as well. Therefore, online stores are the best option to get a VR headset. Moreover, you can also claim return if you are not satisfied with the product and get your money back. You have enough time to buy, you can take as many days as you like to select a product. Therefore, there is a greater probability of getting the best product from an online store.

Should You Buy VR Headsets from Official Websites?

Official websites do not tell you about the problems and issues of the products. You only get to know about the specification and features which are not enough. You are going to spend a handsome amount, so you need to do some research. Moreover, the sites can have fake and manipulated reviews about the products as well. So, it is better to avoid official websites. But if you know everything about the product, then you can go for it.

Top 4 Virtual Reality Headsets in Online Stores

We are going to tell you about some products that are available online. We have discussed the features, pros, and cons of each product. Remember, the old saying that you “get what you pay for” can be very true. These are only a few of many virtual reality headsets in the marketplace. That being said, they are some of our top recommendations.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology that really was introduced to the public into the 2010's. The technology itself has been around since the 1920s. There are numerous benefits, pros and cons of this technology. We'd like to believe that all VR headsets are created equal and won't break your bank account. There are some certainly very cheap VR headsets out there.

That being said, if you are an advanced gamer then having all the bells and whistles is critical. Who doesn't want the best right?

Portable VR Headset Standalone Virtual Reality Smart Wearable Headset

This is a standalone VR headset; therefore, it does not require any device to work. It is portable and you can carry it anywhere. It has an excellent resolution of 2560 x 1440 HD to provide you clear and mesmerizing visuals. Moreover, 4k videos are also supported in it. It has headphones as well to enjoy audio. The design is very comfortable. It has high-quality straps that are adjustable. They also keep the headset stable on your head. There are a few buttons on the side to navigate with ease. You can also adjust the focus according to your needs. The eye area has breathable and soft padding for comfortable use. It has 110˚ FOV for a wide view of the virtual world.


  • Very comfortable
  • Foldable design
  • Support 128GB TF card
  • 4 hours of battery working time


  • No controllers
  • Not comfortable with glasses

Valve Index VR Full Kit

This is a complete PC gaming kit. There is a headset, two controllers and base stations. It has everything you need. The headset also has headphones, so you don’t need to connect the external ones. It is very comfortable, the back-rigid body is completely covered with cushion. There are cushions in the eye area as well. The controller translates the gestures and movements for pleasurable and real experience. It has dual LCDs of resolution 1440 x 1600 which provides you a sharp and clear image. This is excellent for PC gaming and you need a compatible PC for this.


  • Sharp image quality
  • Comfortable
  • Controllers


  • Very expensive

The Valve Index is the most expensive virtual reality headset in the marketplace. That being said, it may not be the best for beginner-level virtual enthusiasts. Again, research the reviews we have here on VR Gear Pro and find the product that works best for your budget.

VR Headset Virtual Reality Headset

This is an excellent inexpensive VR headset that is for smartphones that have a screen smaller than 6.3 inches. It also has headphones and you can connect them with your mobile to enjoy the audio with visuals. It has stretchable straps, so it will fit on your head perfectly. You can also adjust the PD according to your comfort. You can also answer phone calls while wearing the headset. It is very easy to use and compatible with a wide range of mobile phones. It has 120˚ FOV for a wide display. Its anti-blue light protection will keep your eyes safe.


  • Wide view angle
  • Controller
  • Headphones
  • Eye-protection


  • Not for large mobile phones

Virtual Reality Headset

This VR headset is also for mobiles. The compatible mobiles are in the range of 4”-6.3”. It can work with some newly launched phones as well. It also has headphones, so you don’t need to use your own. Moreover, it will provide you an excellent 360˚ experience. The FOV is 112˚ for a better experience. It also protects your eyes for harmful rays. The focus can also be adjusted for a clear image.


  • PD and OD adjustment
  • Easy to use
  • Wide view angles
  • Headphones

Closing Thoughts

We have discussed, “Where to buy a VR headset?” in detail. Now you will have a clear idea of this. Our choice is online stores for getting a VR headset. We have also listed the best products for your ease. Enjoy a better experience with the best VR headset. We always recommend always purchasing your virtual reality headset from the source, its manufacturer.

Always ensure when searching for headsets on Amazon they are being old by the manufacturer themselves. Amazon is a trusted source. That being said, you want to make sure you are getting the top product for your investment.

The headsets mentioned above are going to be catered to specific gamers. If you are on a budget then you may not want the Valve Index. That being said, there are cheaper versions such as the Oculus Go that is perfect for most gamers.

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