Where to Buy Virtual Reality Headset Systems?

Where to buy virtual reality headset systems is a very good question. A question we were asking too prior to getting involved in the virtual reality industry. We have found Amazon to be the best option as they are quick to deliver and care about customer service.

Virtual reality has created many changes in different sectors. It has changed the way of gaming, training, education, entertainment, etc. No one would have imagined a few decades ago that a person can play games like this. In VR, the player gets involved in the games. Everything has been changed by this innovation and it has made things easier, exciting and joyful. There are dozens of VR headsets available in the market. You can get a suitable headset and enjoy the world of virtual reality. You will have a mesmerizing and memorable experience. Therefore, everyone wants to get a VR headset. Some people are confused, they don’t know where to buy a virtual reality headset. So, we are going to discuss where to buy a virtual reality headset.

Where to Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

You can buy a VR headset from any physical store, mart or an online store. Some people would say, you should go for a physical store to buy the virtual reality headset. But we recommend you go for trusted online stores. There are a few reasons to select the online store, let's discuss them one by one.

Reasons to Buy A Virtual Reality Headset Online

We have told you that you should get a virtual reality headset from a trusted online store. Let's explore why.

You can do research

You can research while buying anything online. There are hundreds of previous customers and you can learn a lot from their reviews. Their reviews will tell you the pros and cons of the product. If there is any flaw in the products, then you will get to know about it before purchasing it. It will save you money and time. While in a physical store, you cannot decide whether the product is perfect for you or not. A trusted online store allows you to select the best item. Therefore, you can get the best virtual reality headset from an online store.

You can ask questions

If you are getting skeptical about anything. You can ask questions from the seller. Or you can also see the answer to previous questions. This allows you to ensure perfection. You can easily get the desired item. There is no need to waste time while asking people, you can directly get answers from the sellers which are more authentic.

You Can Return the Product

Online stores provide the facility to their customers that they can return the thing in a certain period and get a refund. This allows you to return the item if it not working as desired. It will save your money from being wasted. 

The Rating

In an online store, products have ratings. You can judge the product form the ratings as well. If the rating is excellent, then the product is likely to be according to the expectations. Further, you can also rate the product after getting it

Now, you might have got a clear idea of where to buy a virtual reality headset. So, our choice is an online store because of the above reasons.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in Online Stores: Top 4 Products

We are going to list some of the best products that we think are excellent as a virtual reality headset. Let’s have a look at them.

HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset 

Where to Buy Virtual Reality Headset
Photo Credit: HP

HP Reverb is a splendid VR headset with all the facilities and features that you need. It has a high-quality resolution which is 2160 x 2160 per eye to provide you a wonderful and mesmerizing experience. You get a wide view due to its 114˚ FOV. Therefore, you can enjoy clear visuals in a wide display. It has a comfortable unique design. The back of the headset is made from rigid material while there is an overhead adjustable strap. So, it provides you maximum stability and comfort. You can use it for a long time. There are two headphones as well, so you can enjoy high-quality audio. You also adjust the headphone according to your comfort.


  • High-quality resolution
  • Wide FOV
  • Comfortable 
  • Headphones


  • No lens adjustment
  • Padding is not enough


This is a compact and foldable VR headset. Yes, you can fold its headphones and store the headset easily. It is a standalone headset which means it does not require a PC or phone to work. It is very comfortable; there are paddings at the front and sides of the headset. The straps are also comfortable and adjustable. 

There are navigation buttons on the side of the headset that allow you to navigate with ease without the use of a controller. You can also adjust the focus according to your comfort. So, there is no need to use it with glasses. It has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 that allows you to enjoy a detailed picture of the virtual world. There are two headphones with the headset so you don’t need to connect an external one. It has internal storage capacity, but it can also support TF card up to 128GB.


  • Breathable padding             
  • Wireless
  • Built-in Mic
  • Focus adjustment


· 3 hours battery time


Photo Credit:VR Shinecon

This VR headset will give you a realistic experience in 360˚. It requires a mobile to work. It is compatible with iPhones and Android that have a screen in the range of 4.7” to 6.0”. The design of the headset is according to ergonomic standards. It is adjustable so you can easily adjust according to the size of your head. You can use this VR headset for a long time. You can also adjust PD and OD for clear and focused visuals. The lens also protects your eyes from blue light.


  • Inexpensive
  • Headphones
  • Comfortable
  • PD and OD adjustment
  • Compatible with eye-glasses


· Not for large screen mobiles

VeeR Falcon VR Headset 

Photo Credit: VeeR

This VR headset also requires a mobile phone to work. It is compatible with many mobile phones that have a screen in the range of 4.7” to 6.3”. The leather pad is soft to provide you comfort and it can be replaced as well. The headset also has knobs to adjust the focus, so most people can use it without glasses. The FOV is between 100˚-110˚, so you can have a wonderful experience. The headphones allow you to enjoy high-quality sound as well. It comes with a controller so you can navigate and control the content with ease.


  • Comfortable
  • Controller
  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable soft pads


· Controller is not fully functional for iOS

Closing Thoughts

You might have got a clear idea about where to buy a virtual reality headset. You can go to trusted online stores and buy the best headset according to your needs. Indeed, online stores provide you benefits, and we have discussed some of them here. We have also listed some of the best products for your ease. Get ready to enter a new world of manmade reality.

So, where to buy virtual reality headset options we have discussed above can be answered by visiting Amazon. We feel this is the best platform for investing in your VR headsets. In addition, if you are an Amazon prime member you can get your product by the next day. One of the best benefits of Amazon is you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, research some of the other articles we have written here. Find out what are the benefits and drawbacks to each virtual reality system you are interested in. Remember, you get what you pay for. There are higher end virtual reality headsets like the Valve Index and much cheaper versions. It all depends on what you are looking for and what your budget can afford.

So, the overall goal is to find which VR headset packs the biggest punch for what you want. We hope this post and others here will help you make the best informed decision.

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