What Virtual Reality Headset Works with Xbox One?

Wondering what virtual reality headset works with XBox One? Well, you are not alone. There are people all over the world seeking the same answers to your question. Our goal is to hopefully provide some essential information to help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

We will be covering some of our top recommended virtual reality headsets specifically for the xBox One. Prices will vary but most options are not unreasonably high. The great news is as virtual reality technology advances so will the price of these products become cheaper.

Caraok 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

What Virtual Reality Headset Works with Xbox One
Photo Credit: Caroak

Are you looking for a lower priced option to use with your xBox One? If so, this is one of the most affordable options in the marketplace. How much? $199 currently on Amazon. That is a steal right there. The device comes with 360 degrees 3D viewing. In addition, you can play virtual reality games from Google Play on it as well.

This is one option that will not break your bank account. This VR headset works with Xbox One despite not specifically designed for the product. In addition, you can also use it with your PC if you so desire. One of the biggest benefits of the Kaorak VR headset is it doesn't require gear, phones or computers.

Furthermore you can download thousands of movies, APPs or games via its onboard bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Did we say it is ultra-portable? You better believe it is. This bad boy can be used anywhere whether in your home, outside or at the airport. It comes with a 3200 mAh battery powering up to 1080P VR.

Additional Perks

A few of the other items that come with the Karoak VR headset are the following:

  • 12-month worry-free warranty
  • Headstrap
  • VR headset
  • User manual
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Power adapter
  • Packing list
  • USB Data Cable
  • Cleaning Cloth

Oculus Quest All-in-One Vr Gaming Set

What Can You Do with A VR Headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

The Oculus Quest is one of if not the most powerful and popular virtual reality headsets for the XBox One in the marketplace. That being said, it is higher priced currently selling for $929 for the 128GB model.

The good news is if that isn't in your budget the 64GB option is cheaper at just $399. The perks of the Oculus is that it comes with 3 episodes of the Vader Immortal. A deal that will run out by 31 January 2020 so keep that in mind.

Remember, your Oculus Quest needs to be activated within 30 days of your purchase to get the above mentioned deal. The Oculus lets you use it according to your environment. So, whether you are sitting, standing or crawling you have the option to use it.

In addition, this virtual reality system also tracks every movement you make without the need for external accessories. This is what makes this particular VR headset so cool and unique. Furthermore, all you need to do is sync the device ip with the Oculus mobile app and you are good to go. It is extremely easy to operate and use.

Thanks to the Oculus Touch's controllers every gesture you make with your hands is recreated by the technology. It doesn't matter how much space you are operating in, small or large, the Oculus will work. It has everything anyone could possibly need and then some. If you are wondering what virtual reality headset works with XBox One this is a great option.


GOOVIS Cinego G2 Cinema VR Headset

Photo Credit: Goovis

The Goovis VR headset falls in between our first two selections in terms of price. That being said, it is by far the most stylish option with more capabilities.

This powerful virtual reality system comes with a 256GB TF card and 32GB of internal storage . This is a great capability in that it allows users to download and upload your favorite games and resources. It's HDMI interface allows you to connect with not just the Xbox but also PS4, 4D set, smart phones, mobi and drone flying to name a few.

Also, the Goovis virtual reality headset can be used to watch Amazon prime, YouTube and to download other APPs such as Netflex or HuLu as well. So, for the price, you get a heck of a lot of benefits with this VR headset. Did we mention it has 4K high resolution? This beauty is packed with perks providing users up to 113% sRGB and 3145PPI for superior color quality.

The Goodvis virtual reality system also is very lightweight. It only weights 200 grams (7.05 oz). So, easily portable and lightweight so you'll hardly know it is even on your face.

Additional Benefits

This VR headset also will meet users needs even if you wear eye prescriptions. It has an immersive design ensuring glare does not stop you from enjoying your experience. In addition, it works to deflect and redirect ambient light from the front screen.

Lastly, it is simple to use. Who wants to use a complicate VR headset anyway right? The control box the Goovis comes with serves as a mouse. Lastly, this virtual reality headset allows you to lift it up without ever having to stop watching your game or movie.


Pimax 5K XR OLED VR Virtual Reality Headset

Photo Credit: Primax

The Primax 5K XR virtual reality system is one of the top of the line VR headsets in the marketplace. It features a superwide 200 degree FOV meaning it comes closest to human vision than any other VR headset money can buy.

Your enemies can no longer run away from you with this VR headset. It has super high 5102 x 1440 resolution with extreme quality. Get immersed unlike any other virtual reality system your hard earned money can buy.

The Primax 5K XR brings virtual reality to life like no other VR headset. In addition, you can now get it 20% off being an Amazon Prime member.

Additional Perks

  • 2.0 tracking technology
  • Steam VR lighthouse 1.0 technology
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Features an ergonomically designed face strap and pad
  • Allows users who wear prescription glasses to still be able to experience virtual reality at its finest
  • Features both software IPD and physical hardware capabilities
  • Compatible with Primax technology that support thousands of your favorite games.


Beneve Ps4 Virtual Reality Headset

What Virtual Reality Headset Works with Xbox One
Photo Credit: Benevue

The Beneve PS4 VR headset works great with the Xbox One. In addition, the price is affordable hovering between $150-$200. Also, you can get used versions even cheaper. So, you are not going to break your bank account with this device. That being said, always remember you get what you pay for as they say.

This virtual reality system also works with other systems such as Google Play, 2D/3D apps, PS4 and Nibiru to name only a few.


  • 2560x1440P resolution
  • 1.8GHz CPU
  • HDMI port connects with PC, XBox 1 or PS4
  • Comfortable T-shaped headset
  • 2D/3D panorama capability
  • Features an energy savings function which turns the device off after 30 minutes of non-use
  • Features TF card use: download as many games as you wish


  • Low battery life at only 2 and half hours or less
  • Not the best choice for advanced gamers


Honorable Mentions

Samsung Hmd Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset

VR Headset That Works with Xbox One

The Samsung HMD virtual reality headset works with the XBox One. This VR headset has superior, surround sound. In addition, it features an integrated microphone array that reduces noise.


  • Premium built in AKG headphones
  • Good for users with prescription eyeglasses
  • Minimally priced at just over $320
  • Compatible with any mixed reality badge headset
  • features spacial 360-degree spatial sound


  • May not be best for advanced gamers
  • Requires a compatible Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Fall creators update
  • May not have all the features more senior gamers are looking for


Why Is Microsoft So Difficult with VR Headsets?

There are a lower number of virtual reality systems for the xBox One platform for a reason. Well, not to mention Microsoft isn't as friendly with VR developers as they could be. The reason? The market flood with peripherals that are of lower quality as it has been in the past.

We have discussed above that some of these virtual reality systems can be expensive and others much cheaper. You want to always consider Amazon reviews, current ratings and usability of the devices when investing.

Closing Thoughts

So, what virtual reality headset works with XBox One? We hope the above mentioned virtual reality systems have at least provided some good recommendations. Remember, if your budget can handle it, invest in a VR headset that is going to last.

In addition, one that will provide to you all the features that you are looking for. There are some high-quality VR headsets on Amazon. The good news is as virtual reality technology advances prices will continue to drop.

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