What is A Virtual Reality Headset Used For?

What is a virtual reality headset used for? There are numerous benefits of this new and amazing technology. That being said, it is a relatively new technology that was basically introduced to the mass public in the 2010s. Yes, it was introduced to the world back in the late 1920s but never went into mass production until just a few years ago.

“What is a virtual reality headset used for?”, is the frequent question asked by people who don’t know about it. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you, “What is A Virtual Reality Headset Used For?”

Let us tell you about virtual reality first. It is an advanced technology that takes you to an artificially created 3D world that looks so similar to the real-world through software and hardware. In this virtual world, you can do such things that are not even possible in this real world. To enter this VR world, you need an entry route and VR headset is one of the easiest routes to enter this 3D world. The VR headset is used for various purposes like gaming, streaming, training and much more. Therefore, we are going to tell you some of its important applications so that you can understand what a virtual reality headset is and where it is used for.

What Are The Various Purposes for This New Technology?

In Classroom

Virtual reality headsets are being used in the class of primary to university level students. It allows them to do things physically by their selves and explore their subject while staying in the class. This is impossible or quite difficult to achieve in the real world. Thus, it gives them a better and enjoyable way of learning where they can go far beyond limits.   

For Playing Games

VR headsets are very famous and popular among gamers. They love to play games on it. It allows a gamer to enjoy the game. It lets you feel that you are actually in the game. This technology has changed and revolutionized the gaming industry completely. It gives extreme fun to players because it immerses them in 3D gaming. That’s the reason VR headset is quickly spreading among gamers.

Military and Medical

Virtual reality is a massive industry and continuing to grow. Two of the biggest industries this technology is being used in is in the military and medical industry.

Lets discuss each below.

Medical Industry

Virtual reality headset are being used in medical schools helping students for their future surgery procedures. How? Well, students are practicing surgeries in virtual patients. So, their skills improve far before they ever step foot into a real surgery room. In addition, students can get an eyes on exactly what their lead surgeon is doing.

So, virtual reality is changing the game when it comes to medical training. Students in the past before virtual reality was around and missed some of the most essential. In addition, with virtual reality students can start, stop and pause their training. So, it is much more interactive and allows them to be able to slow down their training. Virtual reality is totally changing how medical students train. It is a massive, advanced leap in mindset for medical students and professionals.


We all wish wars would end and that they weren't a part of our existence. That being said, it is what it is and we have to accept it. Virtual reality is helping our Soldiers and military personnel to train for the battlefield. The goal here is to train proficiently without having to go into harms way first.

So, military personnel are becoming highly trained and skilled in the most realistic setting possible. This is before they step foot on any aircraft to fly somewhere they really shouldn't have to be. Again, it is what it is. They do their job and virtual reality is helping them to do it better.

Further Advantages

Virtual reality makes their training feel real. Furthermore, they experience the enemy and can learn to react without the threat of being harmed or killed. So this new technology is huge. In fact, virtual reality's biggest purpose today we believe is in these two areas. Why? We need our military and medical personnel to be as highly trained and skilled as humanely possible, period.

Virtual reality headsets are made for cool, indoor environment. They are not designed for the heat nor are military professionals wearing military equipment in training. Yes, it provides them some great virtual training but nothing can come close to real life conditions. So, that is a drawback in this case. The advantages come in being able to practice the scenarios over and over again. In addition, they too, can stop, pause or re-start any scenarios while using virtual reality. There is not military equipment needed so obviously the savings on cost is huge as well. A win-win either way in these two specific industries in our opinion.

To Watch Live Shows and Movies

You can enjoy movies, live shows and sport at your home in it. It is not like traditional TV, it will take you in the movie or the place of the concert, and you enjoy the first-hand experience as a live audience.

In Training

Virtual reality headset being used in many training programs because it provides a better training environment. It gives them the actual real environment to practice so that they can execute well in the real world. Military, doctors and surgeons are using VR headset for training. 

To Get Rid of Pain

It engages the player physically while they are playing games; therefore, it can help to get rid of chronic pain and PTSD diseases.

As Exercise

It also helps in burning fats. Good for those who don’t want to go to the gym but wanted to burn fats and calories. It is possible through VR gaming because of the physical movement and engagement. Therefore, it can be used as an exercise while enjoying a game.

Planning and Development

Planning and development are of its important application. It gives better details in 3D while planning and developing models and prototypes. Therefore, it saves your time and money. Architecture planning is the best example. 

In Tourism

Nowadays virtual reality headsets are being used for tourism because you can explore a different part of the world through it. It also lets you feel the environment so that you can decide your tour destination. Thus, tour guides are going to be replaced by VR headset in the future because tourism is much easier through it.

We have tried to explain, “What is A Virtual Reality Headset Used For?” Now we are going to list down four virtual reality headsets that are available in the market so that you can buy one for yourself.

The Best Four Virtual Reality Headsets in 2020

Portable VR Headset Standalone Virtual Reality

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

This VR headset does not require any PC or phone to work. It is all in one standalone portable device. The device has front face cushion and back padding. It is light in weight; therefore, comfortable to use. It has an adjustable focus wheel so you don’t need to worry if your eyesight is weak, you don’t need to use it with glasses. This headset equipped with a high definition screen with 110º field of view and dual integrated built-in headphones to enjoy a 3D immersive experience in the virtual world. The device is foldable so you can easily carry it in your bags. This is an ideal portable standalone VR headset for movies and 3D gaming.


  • Powerful battery life (4 hours)
  • Portable
  • Support TF card (up to 128GB)
  • Focus adjustable wheel


  • Low built-in storage
  • Bit expensive

Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller

Photo Credit: Pansonite

It is a mobile operated virtual reality headset compatible with almost all the 4.7 to 6 inches IOS and Android devices. The headset has an ergonomic design; therefore, it is light in weight and comfortable to use. It also has an adjustable strap for perfect fitting on your head. The device has the option to adjust lenses for near-sighted people. It is equipped with headphones, a 360-degree view, and remote control; thus, it provides better video streaming and 3D gaming in the virtual world.


  • Adjustable lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Clear picture


  • Screen-door affect

VR Headset for 3D IMAX Movie Video Game

Photo Credit: FlyMay

This is also a mobile-operated VR headset which is easy to setup. It supports almost all 4.7″ to 6.1’’ smartphones so there is no issue with compatibility. The headset is light in weight and has an adjustable strap for comfortable use and perfect fitting. It has a wider field of view (100º) for better 3D gaming and watching movies in the virtual world. The device comes with a remote controller which provides basic control to your phone when it’s in the headset.


  • 100º FOV
  • Easy setup
  • Fit over children head


  • Less durable

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

This Oculus quest is for gaming. It works without a phone or PC that means, it is a standalone VR headset. It is light in weight, comfortable, and easy to setup. The headset has two touch controllers that transport your hand into the virtual world; therefore, you can play games with full control. Its built-in sensors provide you with better tracking of your movement in VR gaming. It has an adjustable strap for perfect fitting. Oculus quest work with the environment; therefore, no matter you are standing or sitting it works fine in both cases. This is a complete all in one VR headset.


  • Wireless
  • Simple setup
  • No extra sensors needed
  • High resolution


  • Heavyweight
  • Less comfortable

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have understood, “What is A Virtual Reality Headset Used For?” It has diversified applications and the potential to be beneficial for various fields. That’s the reason many industries are using it and others are shifting towards it. It has revolutionized our modern world. It’s not only a source of entertainment but also a source of innovation and comfort

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