Virtual Reality Tips 2023 and Beyond

What are the top virtual reality tips to help you get involved in this new industry? Well, our mission with this post is to share some of our best advice to help you answer that question.

Virtual reality is a field on which how much we will talk will be less. How much we will know will seem to be less. It's a field which attracts everyone either they are old or young or teen, girl or boy, new generation or old generation as it's not for the use of any specific generation. Everyone can make use of this technology. In starting might be some people feel that it's not for their use, they are out of the range of its possibility etc. But once if they will start using it they will have no other choice except to go with it with great temptation.

These days this VR is the hot topic to be discussed, to write about and to learn and know about. Every country is watching toward it with a hope to grow just like it with bang and boom.

We are also here to know some main feature and aspects of VR in the next coming year which is not very far now from. Let's start to know about this field in some more depth with the help of the following topics.

Before going for the main points to be discussed here let us clear one doubt here first. Many of us still don't know the real difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. so let's start discussing and helping you people by giving the real difference between virtual and augmented reality.

Know the Key Difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

 Many of us understand that augmented reality is just exactly the same as the virtual reality. There are some similarities between both but they are not exactly the same actually.

Virtual reality as most of us know is the virtual world where we find our self inside that. This VR technique is mostly used in video games. While using it we feel completely inside the game and not at our current location. This VR technique makes everything feel so real sometimes that we forget the difference between the real and the virtual world.

The virtual world is an imaginary world where everything is non-real except our self. The concept of this virtual world is still not felt by many of us. In using the virtual world we can not see the real things around and we might hit them accidentally.

Now if we talk about the augmented reality, it is just the next level of the virtual reality. Tough in both the cases things are not real but in case of augmented reality, the virtual things are not totally virtual or totally real.

Augmented Reality

In augmented reality we find our self to see the real objects around us too but all the

things we see is not completely real or completely virtual as I mentioned already. This is a fine blend between the virtual world and the real world. One thing is sure that while using augmented reality you will not hit the objects in your surrounding and the level of enjoyment will be more.

Now as we cleared the doubts so let's come back to our next topic.

Now we at the start of 2022. Soon we are about to enter the new year filled with some joy, fear and excitement of the new year. Every year we get to know some very interesting boom in the IT sector. In the coming next year we hope the same, especially for this VR field.

Now, first of all, we need to know something which we should do and at the same time something which we should not do in our next topics about VR world in this article.

Selection of best VR

If you have never used this very concept and want to start using this device the first time, the starting of the new year may be a great option to start using this gadget. For using this everyday increasing technique you need to have some very common things with you.

There are many gadgets in the market now. Some of them like Oculus Rift, Sony play station, and HTC Hive work only with PC and not with smartphones. These types of gadgets are very expensive and some of them also require the particular level of resolution of the PC and some of them are not supported with all the PCs. As a beginner, it won't be a good choice to directly go with high-end gadgets. Before going for them we must keep hands open on other small budget devices.

Now there is another category of gadgets that is the gadgets which work with mobiles. There are some gadgets which work only with the specified mobiles. Samsung Gear VR is a device which works only on Samsung mobiles and not with others.

Categories of VR Devices

The last category of the devices is the devices which work with most mobile phones. It may be either ios Android or any other if the supported apps are present on the particular mobile store of the particular platform of the mobiles.

Before using this device you need to have one mobile with good screen resolution as the quality of the gadgets depends a lot on the resolution of your mobile screen. After that, you require one room where you can be alone at least up to the time you use VR gadgets.

From the last discussed category we can select the best VR headset for our use as a newcomer. If you are not sure about which one to buy and why I will suggest you the one very handy and affordable device that is utopia 360. Reason for suggesting this device is very obvious. The cost of this device fits under the budget of almost everyone and it has all the basic features for a newcomer to let him feel the virtual world first time.

You may want to check out the virtual reality reviews buyers guide post we wrote. It is slammed with great information to help you.

Finding Some of the Best Uses of This Device

When we hear about the word Virtual Reality, what comes in our mind first? The answer to the question by most of the people would be to play video games and watching movies and pictures. It's true too. Many people use this device mainly for playing video games and watching videos. Apps for video games can be downloaded from the App Store of the compatible handsets. Not all the games present in those stores can be used. Only some supported apps from the app store would run on these devices.

Videos for these devices can be downloaded from youtube. What we have to enter in the search button option is  ‘360-degree videos ‘  and all the related videos will be on the screen of your mobile. Which video you want to play you can download or directly play from YouTube app. One more thing you have to take care of it that all the apps where we can download the YouTube videos not necessarily support the 360-degree video. It can be played fairly on the youtube app.

One another thing to mention here for letting you know is that not all the mobiles support this device. For running the 360 videos your mobile must have the gyroscope sensor to feel the rotation and movement of the phone. If you try to play the 360 videos on the mobile which does not have gyroscope sensor, the video will be played just like any normal video and you might think that time either the video is not good or the gadgets have some defects. But now you know well what to do when you're set up of a mobile and very gadget is not giving you the desired result.

Additional Insight

Now if we ask what other things we can do using VR, technique what would be your answer? As if you don't know much about the very technique, you will not be able to give the correct answer at the very moment, but think are these really the only things we can do with VR? Definitely not.! Though VR came to existence with the prime purpose of entertainment,  now we are witnessing it's evaluated form day after day. In the year 2021, we have seen many other uses of VR headsets in many other fields also. In 2022, the same thing will continue and there is the possibility to use it in many other fields also

At present VR concept is proved to be a great help in the learning process. With the help of these students and teacher my interact in the virtual real mixed world without knowing the barrier of language, distance and time.

It can also be used to go to other places without really be there. Though it sounds quite strange it's true. With the help of these devices, we can move to our desired places without physically being there. It provides us with the way using which we can feel as if really are there. Using these devices we can go to those places tours for which are either not under our budget, or the place is not for public use or the place is so dangerous to be actually there. There may be many reasons behind it but the solution is just one that is the support of the VR technique.

AR and VR

Recently we got to its one more use with the help of Artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration of VR and AR gave us a handy help to manage the inspection or observing work in the nuclear power plant, where the environment is very toxic and harmful for any normal person due to production of harmful radiation. Using this device we can maintain the observation and inspection there remotely without harming any human life.

These were just a few examples where VR techniques can be used. Just like these, there are many other fields also where the possibility of using the VR technique is more due to some reason. Might be the fields and reasons are unknowns for us now, soon they will be discovered to make the device more useful.

Know Your Limit

Now as we know that nothing is perfect or complete in this world, this device also comes with few hand able flaws. These flaws or errors are not very big until or unless we stop taking care of the proper way of using these devices. While using the VR gadgets we must know what are the limits of our real-world or surrounding. If we do not know very well about the things around us,  we may accidentally hit the objects around us. In some cases, it may break or damage the objects.

And in some cases, it may happen the same with your body. So both the object around you and you yourself are at risk of being hit and get damaged. If we keep on ignoring the instructions for safety and proper care, we don't have any right to blame the technology.

VR Makes Things Easier

Technology is to improve our work and do some task which can't be done without it. But one thing is to note that the technology doesn't work on its own. It's we who create the technology.Now the question is what we can do to stop these happenings? The answer is very clear! What we can do to stop or minimize this incident is to minimize the number of objects in our room where we are playing the video game.

It would be better to select or arrange a room where already there is the least number of objects or almost none except what you require during the VR session.

If we are having not the sufficient room as per the requirement of our VR session, we may attach wheels with the legs of all the heavy objects in your room. This will help you to move the heavy object in your room very easily from one place to another or to move out of your virtual limit during your VR session and again after your VR session, you can arrange all the objects back to their original place where they were before.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol or Taking any other Drugs While Using It

As the heading suggests we are going to discuss the few outcomes of having alcohols which may lead the poor performance of the user and hence of the device.

Alcohols or any drugs which makes the user faint will definitely leave a poor mark on the performance. This is the reason it is always suggested not to use any beverage ever which let our mind feel sleepy or over relaxed. In such cases, we may not be in our control. This may cause unwanted incident either with our body or with the objects in our surroundings or with the ongoing task of your gadgets or with all of these.

Another way to limit the range and not hitting the object is to better not to stand if possible.

Stay Safe

One more thing about the safety of our and the objects around us is to minimise the standing position. If we not stand most of the time and do complete our session sitting position mostly, chances of hitting with the walls of the room and with the objects will decrease. So try to complete your session most of the time in sitting position. If you will not stand too often and will complete your most of the virtual task in sitting position, the chances of hitting the things around you will be lessened as already mentioned above.

There is another option also for making the things happen in our favour only. If we really want to set our arena in a good way, we can use a mat also. A mat will provide you with a good stage while battling in a video game. Whenever we will be out of the mat we can easily know that's it's the time to move back under our limit.

This would really be a good step only if can sense the presence of mat below our feet. So while using the mat below under our feet on the floor, it would be recommended not to wear any shoe or sleeper during playing the video the game as while wearing the shoe or sleeper, the purpose of using mat will not be fulfilled completely and it will be useless to arrange the mat and hoping not to hit the walls and staying under the marked boundary all the time.

Never Solely be Dependent on the Virtual World only for All the Tasks.

It's true and proven that VR has proved its importance in many fields. In all the field it has the made us felt some of its very interactive, unforgettable and unavoidable presence in the world. Even being not real it dominated the realm of the real world on many occasions. Though today we can find it very useful and interactive to work many tasks using VR mode, it's not advisable to use it with all the things and all the situation and work.

This mode of virtual reality the sensed help for most us, yet it can't be denied that the sense of this virtual world ha marked some negative effects on us also. Today we are in the habit of using it beyond its limit sometimes. Sometimes we test ask and think that though it's able to perform many difficult tests asks the ease, it can't be used for all the purpose of life.

There are many things like practicing math, learning answers, feeling the smell of perfumes, sensing the touch etc which can't be done with the virtual world alone. Now we are going on depending on this on some of the cases.

But all the time we can not say the same. There are many other situations in which just depending on VR is totally waste. If will really be fully dependent solely on the virtual world, can't be imagined what will happen next.

If we use wisely it will always be ready to help us in many ways but the condition is not to be fully dependent on it in all the situation. In some cases it's presence feels to be right but in all the cases? Not possible!!

Let's See an Example

Suppose we are to know about the real view of the surgery or operation while doing it.

Here VR plays an important medium to provide us with what we need and what is accessible. VR is full of scope in many fields as we all know, it can also be used to give live training to the trainees. Through this example, we can understand things better.

Suppose doctors are doing one operation and nobody else is allowed to enter the operating theatre except the patient, doctors and few nurses. How we student would be able to know what happens during the surgery or operation. Using VR technology we get connected remotely with the science in operation theatre and after viewing the real scene of real operation we  can learn the operating process and gain some very important  knowledge about the operation

It was just one example if we will try to find out there will come numerous situation before us where we can use the VR technology. But don't forget that solely virtual world has no meaning at all as even after viewing the real operation we can't learn the operating on real without actually practising it.

Know the Impact of High Definition

Whatever content we are using in VR is mostly available in the form of picture and videos. Quality of videos plays an important role in our understanding of the virtual world. If the quality of the videos and picture or graphics would not be clear, the virtual environment would not look real and it will also put a lot of pressure on our eyes.

Though it's very clear that any quality of the videos can be played on the VR gadgets but should we play really any type of videos using it? Resolution of the videos plays a vital role in the better functioning of the eye without catching any serious damage to it. One of the best virtual reality systems in the marketplace is the Valve Index. That being said, it is one of the most expensive so may not be best for you if you are on a budget.

Most of the content of the virtual world is in high definition. But sometimes we try to view the faulty content on present on the web using VR which are not in high quality. Watching blurred videos produces a feeling of dizziness, and irritation and even headache sometimes when using for longer times. Continuity of the routine work with the same videos and content of same resolution can seriously damage the eye. So for keeping the eye healthy forever, avoid using the videos with blurred content and choose only videos with well clear resolution.

Virtual Reality Tips
Photo Credit: HTC

Use in Moderation

The eye is one of our most important organs. It also plays a significant role while using VR devices. It must be taken care very well to ensure the proper functionality of the eye.

We should use every possible step for keeping the eye protected.

One such step is to give the eye small breaks after every VR session and not to use VR session for a longer period of time. Looking at the same bright objects for a longer period of time is no good for the better health of the eye. So better to keep our eye focused on some other distance object also in between the break of the VR session. It will boost your watching experience and make you feel refreshed for the next VR session also.

What Are Other Uses of VR technology?

There are many other fields where we can find the unique usage of VR. Normally when we used to book in old times, no one would have been expected that one day the so heavy book would be available in the micro size chips, mobiles and tablets. But the time changed and we found which nobody expected that time. But it was not the end of the exploration of a new way to read the books.

After getting books in small size chip now we are about to read the books with the help of VR headset.

Nowadays some VR technology can be also used to read books. Books here would be audio cum video which will give you a very distinct experience. But might be some people would not like it at all as may feel for them bulkier than mobiles or tablets. Using this for a longer period of time may irritate you also sometimes. But no doubt its one of the many features which can enjoy on this device.

Learn Cooking

If we use this VR system for learning cooking life, we can really know some good ideas for cooking. This will help us to see the ingredients of particular dishes very clearly and can easily identify that one. But in this also it has some limitations. Though we may have a great experience while learning cooking with it, we may miss the real smell of a particular ingredient and how does it taste in raw form. We can also know the methods for cooking some dishes but for the practical work we will have have to move to a real kitchen.

Eating Out

After reading the heading might be some of you may think about how the VR is going to play a role in this field? What special thing it will do to make one eat out? Would it provide food? If so who will pay for it? Going good!!

That is called the imagination power we use at many occasion even just after knowing a little about the reality.

Let me clear you that no, this device will not provide you food! That is too without pay!!  Too much it is!

Actually what happens here is

 All-day we mostly eat at home and some times or Many times many people want to eat out just as they are bored with the daily meal of home. Are the meal at home really boring??

Anyway, let's continue.

 Some times they have the desire to eat out but they don't want to pay for it or say they don't have the money for the particular place where they want to go just for eating out. In these cases, this device helps the people to eat out with paying any single dollar!! How??

Let me explain to you!!

This device can make you're eating out at many different places of the world where might be eating not allowed sometimes. It can also make you approached at the various very famous restaurants in the world without actually going there.

Public Speaking

Using this device we devise we can train ourself for many different things in the real environment. Like learning to drive a car,  public speaking, sweeping cricket, football etc. 

But the limitation of these words comes here too. As you can know how to drive the car by this but real experience and real learning you can't get without the real world in these cases. Suppose you want to learn swimming and you learnt all the required steps to float in water easily. But would you be really able to enter in the river or lake just after learning here.? Obviously not!!

Let me make it more clear to you.

Suppose we want to learn how to speak in front of the audience or public with confidence and without making any mistake. Now think how a VR can play its role here. Would it be the audience? If not, what then it can do in this case.

Can VR Do it All?

Now as we want to learn public speaking. Just by practising in a virtual world we can learn very well how to speak in public before the audience, would it be sufficient to learn only through this VR system? Again no!

Public speaking is an art and art needs a lot of practice and experience for getting better and better.

What would a virtual world for us? It may provide us with some audience in the virtual world where we will have to deliver our speech or anything we want to do before them?

In the virtual world, we may find that all the audience are sitting quietly and you will just have to look at them and perform your work.

In a virtual world, nobody would comment good or bad about your performance, we will not feel shy or nervous in front of the virtual audience, no emotions will come when we perform loosely at the virtual stage. But the same thing will not happen in the real world. Here the people will notice even the smallest mistake of ours. It will be very hard for us to perform the first time before the audience. Nervousness will not let you go easily.

And if will perform good or bad emotion will definitely spread on our which will not happen while doing all these stuff virtually.

So, in short, there are many things which can't be replaced with the content of this VR system and its apps.

Career in the VR field

VR technology is not just for entertainment only. One can also go for making a career in this field if they want to and have the requisite quality.

Things to do in the VR field is always fascinating happening for all. What if you have to do your career in this field. This fantasy is also no less than playing the game for many ones.

There are many many jobs in this field also where one can make a great career. Some of the very popular jobs is a software engineer

The work of software engineer it to create the app videos and other content of the app with his skills.

 the sound creator just like the real environment, to create the graphics etc.

With which passion people are showing interest in VR technology, no doubt this job sector will boom in the coming year.

If you have the relevant talent for the particular position in this field, no doubt your career will rock in this sector.

Have a Better Understanding before Deciding Whether it is Good or Bad

So far we have gone through some very interesting topics up to some depth. We have seen many impacts of VR devices on social life which affects us a lot. Now many of you must be in confusion whether using the VR system is really good or not. Many health-related issues we have also discussed above. And you might feel that if it is so risky to use it, why everyone is using it and willing to use it next time again.

We all know that there is a limitation for everything in the world, beyond which we can not go. Sometimes these limitations are visible clearly and known to all and sometimes to know what is the limitation of something, we have to search it. This VR  technology has also its limitations beyond which it can not go. Though we are able to learn and do better using this device, in some cases, it would not be possible to get real learning and work done without taking the help of the real world.

But it does not mean that using this device is not good. In many cases which we have seen above that the work is done or things leant were better than the real world. So here what you have to do is to use your mind and brain wisely. Take the help of the real world, virtual world or mixed world accordingly. None of them greater than other and none of them is lower also.

Closing Thoughts

As we have discussed so far virtual reality seems to be a boon in the hand of humans if we use it wisely. In future, it will create a lot of job offers. Many people would be excited to work in this sector. Just like cooking, eating out, as showing live operations many other things also would be possible in future for this VR. More or less it will touch almost all the aspects of life. Everyone will use this technology in a different form.

In future chances are that higher variant of these devices would be launched which will surpass the augmented reality. Many other and devices would be launched which would be cheaper in price and more effective in work.

But now again I want to focus something more and put some extra light on the last topic.

Whatever may be, the reality can never be replaced by 100% with VR. Though it would make our work easier and faster and more accurate at a specific point of time, we all are going to need the real world.

The real world is just like the soul or says the base of the virtual world. As even in the virtual world what we are doing is actually copying the real things very close to 100%. If the real world would be ignored to whom the virtual world copy. Whatever the things, objects or we see in the virtual world, somehow and somewhere they all get related to the real world.

Last Remarks

Many of the time doctors advise the patient to use a balanced diet. What is a balanced diet and why I am mentioning that here? Balance diet is nothing but a normal diet with all the required nutrients in the proper amount. Nothing is more nothing is less. Everything as per the requirement. Some things we need to with the virtual and real word. We need to create a balance between them. If we stop using VR thinking it will make us sick, we will be left behind and might fix at the same place where our journey would seem to be stopped.

And if we choose only the VR and ignore the real world, we will get attacked by many problems and diseases. And as I already I mentioned many times at the last we will have to come back at the surface of reality. Without landing on this surface we are not going to do well, alone with the help of virtual reality.

So, we hope these virtual reality tips will help set you up for success. Virtual reality is a massive opportunity open to all that use it. Remember, use in moderation as it is very easy to become addicted to virtual reality. It is a lot of fun but also must not be abused.

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