Virtual Reality Headset Without Phone: Top 4 Products

Are you searching for a virtual reality headset without phone reliability? A virtual reality headset without a phone is an innovation in the VR world. These VR devices are wireless and portable. There is no need for a computer or any other smartphones for its controlling or operation once it is set up. These devices have everything in them. Furthermore, most of them have an android or IOS based operating system.

This type of VR headset is also known as the Standalone VR headset. It provides you with ease to use it where ever you want, whenever you want and where ever you go. You just need to sit back, put it on and you can enjoy your favorite videos, games, social apps and much more. We highly recommend you use these new wireless VR headsets. Now we are going to tell you why you should use virtual reality headset without a phone.

Benefits of the Virtual Reality Headset without Phone over Other Existing VR Devices

There are many advantages of virtual reality headsets that can be controlled without a phone or PC. Some important benefits are,


The main advantage of such a VR headset over others is its portability. It is a single device, there are no other gadgets and wires with it. Since it’s a single device, therefore, can be easily carried in your bag. Some headsets also have a controller which is also easy to carry.


Standalone virtual devices are accessible everywhere. As they are portable, you are free to carry them with you and access where ever you want.

Easy to use and setup

These VR devices are user-friendly. They just require a simple initial setup. People don’t need any technical expertise to use them. You just need to put them on your head and you are ready to go.


The best thing about standalone devices is that they come at affordable prices. They are cost-friendly as compared to other VRs that are used on PCs. Who wants to break their bank account that are on a budget right? We are going to be covering 4 of our top recommendations to beginner to moderate level gamers. In addition, we'll discuss some of the benefits and the drawbacks of each model.

No Worry of Compatibility

You do not need to worry about the VR headset's compatibility with different devices. Now you already know these VR devices are computers on their own. Therefore, you are free to choose your favorite VR headset without thinking about its compatibility. The great news is that the below mentioned models will work on numerous devices. Thus, providing you with endless enjoyment and take you to other worlds in real time.

Top 4 Virtual Reality Headset that can control without a phone

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Without Phone
Photo Credit: Oculus

This VR Gaming headset is a standalone VR with controllers. You don't need to connect it with anything, can enjoy gaming and videos without any disturbance. You don't need extra sensors and devices to use it. Its controllers will keep track of your gestures and transport them in the virtual world. You can enjoy a new gaming experience with immense pleasure. It has an accurate insight tracking for accurate gesture translation. It is very easy to set up, even a beginner can use it.

Oculus Quest is one of the best selling, most popular VR headsets in the marketplace. There are higher priced models that provide even more capability like the HTC Vive. That being said, Oculus really has done a great job with providing gamers with numerous capabilities.


  • Hassle-free enjoyment without wires
  • Easy set up for everyone
  • High Resolution
  • Comes with two controllers
  • Adjustable straps


  • A little heavy

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headsets Without Phone
Photo Credit: Oculus

Oculus go standalone virtual reality headset is a new VR system that can be controlled without a smartphone or PC. It is a portable device with enough memory (64GB). You can download games and applications from the store and enjoy the headset whenever you want. It is just like a personal theater in your hand. It means you can enjoy movies, live sporting events, games, and applications. Further, it has high-quality audio and video, so you can enjoy everything by entering in a new world. It has built-in audio, but you can also connect your headphone with it.


  • Wireless
  • Cost-friendly
  • Portable
  • Does not require any device
  • Easy setup


  • Low battery life
  • Does not support SD card

Oculus is still one of the most popular brands in the virtual reality community. There are pros and cons to just about any device. The biggest con for most higher-end models is the the price. That being said, gamers that are not on a budget will not care. They want the best money can offer.

Lenovo Mirage Solo With Daydream Standalone VR Headset

Lenovo mirage solo is a standalone virtual reality headset that you can use without a phone. It has a unique strapless design with extra padding for comfort. You can easily adjust the headset according to your comfort with a single knob on the device. The best thing about the headset is Google's Daydream and Worldsense tracking.

So, this virtual reality headset without phone reliability will definitely add to the excitement of your gaming experience. The virtual reality industry will continue to grow. In fact, it is due to grow to a $44.7 billion dollar industry by 2024.

Furthermore, without any external sensors, it senses your body movements and translates to the virtual world. You can do movement according to games and everything will look like you are doing in the real world. You can jump, dodge and do anything and it will be translated in the virtual world. There are 250 daydream apps to enjoy and you can get access to other applications through Wroldsense tracking. You can watch live shows and sporting events as well.


  • Wireless
  • Good battery life (almost 3 hours)
  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • High-quality resolution and 110º FOV (Field of View)


  • Uncomfortable
  • Heavyweight

Portable VR Headset Standalone Virtual Reality Smart Wearable Headset

Photo Credit: TiYiViRi

This is a new virtual reality headset in the VR world that does not require any phone. It also has headphones, so you don't need to connect the external one. It has easy controls on its side that allow you to adjust volume and navigate the menu quickly. You can also adjust the focus according to your comfort and eyesight. It has a nice ergonomic design for comfort. You can also fold the headphones to store it and it becomes more compact. It has a 110º FOV that allows you to enjoy VR games and videos with more joy. It also has Nibiru app store to download applications.


  • Supports TF cards up to 128 GB
  • App store, browser, and games
  • The battery lasts for 4 hours
  • Portable and Compact


  • Not much reviewed
  • Not recommended with glasses

Closing Thoughts

A virtual reality headset without a phone is very portable. You don't need to connect it with any device and you can take it anywhere. It makes you experience more joyful because there are no wires to create any hassle for you. You don't need to spend on external sensors and expensive PCs.

These standalone devices have everything you need. You just need to wear them to enjoy the world of virtual reality. Moreover, these are excellent for beginners who want to experience virtual reality. We have also listed some of the best virtual reality headsets without a phone for your ease. Enjoy the new world of virtual reality without phones.

Virtual reality systems continue to advance. That being said, with that comes more affordable choices. Yes, there are more expensive VR headsets in the marketplace to choose from. There are also very cheap headsets beginners can invest in that cost as low as $15.

These types of virtual reality systems may not be best for advanced gamers. The old saying that you get what you pay for is very true. What we have tried to do in this article is provide to you specific models that won't break your bank account.

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