Should I Buy a Virtual Reality Headset in 2023?

Are you asking yourself the question should I buy a virtual reality headset? Well, you are not alone. There are many people around the world asking the same thing. We think it is a great investment. The reason being is it is a relatively new technology. Yes, it got it start back in the late 1920s but the technology itself didn't hit ground until the 2010s. The new year is upon us. You could be reading this post years after 2023. That being said, the goal here is to provide some of the top reasons to invest in a virtual reality headset.

Companies like Facebook now own one of the biggest companies in the virtual reality industry, Oculus.

Virtual reality is the future of the modern world. It is revolutionizing and adding values in many fields. It takes you to the world, which is very close to real and allows you to do things that you cannot even imagine in the real world. That’s the reason many industries are adopting this revolutionized technology. The VR technology is still in a growing stage, and industries are searching for the best possible gateway to enter this virtual world.

Fortunately, we have virtual reality headsets to enter the virtual world. We should thank technology because VR headsets are the easiest gateway. You need to put these VR headsets on your head, and there you go. You will enter a completely new 3D world. We are also going to tell you some benefits of VR headsets so that you will know, “Why should I buy a virtual reality headset?”

Why Should I Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

There are many benefits of the virtual reality headset. We are going to tell you some important ones so that you will decide why you should buy a VR.

Gaming and Watching Movies

We all love movies and gaming; VR is giving you way better movie streaming and gaming experience. It lets you dive directly into the movie and game. You hardly differentiate and belief that you are not in there. After one experience, you’ll say,” I should buy a Virtual Reality Headset now.” 

Live Sports and Concert

After you buy a virtual reality headset, you can enjoy live sports and concerts as a live audience. It’s not like watching live shows and sports on television. It’s like watching sports and shows in the stadium or concert hall. You’ll not only get better 3D visuals, but you can also feel the environment at your home. If we can enjoy first-hand visuals at home, so why will we go to the stadium?


You can explore and travel any part of the world through a virtual reality headset. You can easily taste the places in the world through VR videos, and then you can decide whether you should go to that place or not. This is one of the benefits you’ll get if you buy it. We can say, in the future, it’ll guide us better than a tourist.

Enjoyable Learning

Virtual reality headsets are providing students a better and enjoyable way of learning. It allows them to go far beyond limits and explore things that are not possible in the real world. For example, they can go in the structure of an atom or learn parts of the human body virtually. Students can also simulate things in the virtual world through VR headsets; therefore, they will remember what they have learned.

So, if you are asking should I buy a virtual reality headset we believe the benefits outweigh the costs my a long shot.

Practice and Training

You can practice and train yourself practically in different fields without any risk or danger. Virtual reality headsets are widely used in training purposes. This is one of the noticeable benefits of virtual technology.

What Is The Best Console VR headset in The Industry?

We believe Sony'a Playstation VR tops the cake with this. One of the most popular virtual gaming systems in the market we guarantee it is worth the investment. The good news is that it is reasonably priced just under $350 USD.


  • Great selection of games to choose from
  • Reasonably priced and won't break your bank account
  • Performance is near to personal computer quality
  • Really only needs a PS4 console to function properly
  • Features a vert responsive refresh rate
  • Superior head-tracking capability
  • Wide variety of Playstation virtual reality game selection


  • Lacking in required accessories in the box
  • Motion control tracking is not to Oculus or Valve standards
  • Accessories are sold separately
  • Move controllers are included in most bundles but not all

You need a higher-end personal computer gaming system to run the below mentioned VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Not so, with the Sony Playstation VR. If you have a PS4 console you are good to go. The Playstation VR continues to be one of the top brands with the highest selection of games to choose from.

Yes, the accessories are sold separately. That being said, you get what you pay for. Additionally, although there are some small additional, one-time costs involved, price cuts have made the Playstation VR one of the most attractive VR headsets money can buy.

While you have to be aware of the additional cost involved, depending on what bundle you opt for, recent price cuts have made the PlayStation VR even more affordable. It may not be the best VR headset, but the PSVR is certainly making a strong case to users.

What is The Best Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

Our pick? The Oculus Quest. Did we mention Oculus is owned by Facebook? The social media giant purchased the company at just shy of $2.2 billion dollars. So, Oculus is one of the biggest and best virtual reality systems in the marketplace thanks to Facebook. Yes, the Valve Index is an awesome VR headset to invest in. That being said, if you don't want to pay the $2000+ USD for the Valve the Oculus Quest is a steal. Why? It can be had for $999.

In addition, you won't deal with cables when using the Oculus Quest. It is an outstanding alternative to purchasing the higher end models like the Valve Index mentioned below. The Quest does not need a personal computer or a smartphone to operate.


  • No need for PC or smartphone
  • 1440*1600 per eye resolution
  • Superior OLED display panel
  • Features a 835 Snapdragon processor
  • Comes in 32GB and 64GB
  • Simple set up process and can be up and gaming within minutes


  • Higher priced but far cheaper than the Valve Index
  • Lasts 2 to 3 hours per charge (depends on if playing games or viewing media)

The good news is if you have some Oculus games already downloaded within your library you can play them also on the Quest.

Virtual Reality Headsets To Consider in 2020

Now you have the answer to the question, “Should I buy a virtual reality headset?”We are going to discuss some virtual reality headsets with their features, pros, and cons. There are always going to be both benefits and drawbacks to all models of virtual reality headsets.

That being said, there is an equal balance for all here. The Valve Index mentioned below is certainly for more advanced gamers but also can be used by beginners. It is also the most expensive VR headset within the industry which may be a drawback for some on budgets.

Valve Index VR Full Kit

Should I Buy a Virtual Reality Headset
Photo Credit: Valve

Valve index is one of the high budget range virtual reality headset. It comes with a full kit of hardware and sensors. It has a superb and beautiful design with the front face and back head cushions for comfort. The headset is designed for PC gaming; therefore, it powered by PC. It has an adjustable overhead strap for perfect fitting. This headset is equipped with headphones for a good quality sound experience. There are two comfortable touch sensors and play statins for controlling movements in the virtual world.


  • A complete VR headset
  • No extra sensors and hardware required
  • Good quality graphics
  • Outstanding refresh rate
  • Can be used for longer periods of time as compared with its competitors
  • Index controllers are far more advanced compared to competitors


  • Very expensive
  • Can be a headache in setting up
  • Errors can occur during use
  • Updates can bring with it connection issues

Additional Information About Valve

Valve is one of the highest priced VR headsets in the marketplace. So, if you are not on a budget and are an advanced gamer this virtual reality system tops them all. It is, without question, the go-to VR headset. It is even more advanced than the HTC Vive. In addition, it is more polished and packs more features than the Vive Pro.

The Vive Pro was one of the VR headsets that did its best to keep up with the room-scale virtual reality capability. That being said, didn't measure up. Yes, the Valve is higher priced but if you want to take your virtual reality gaming to the highest level the Index is the VR headset to go with.

Pimax 5K XR OLED VR Virtual Reality Headset with Wide 200°FOV

Photo Credit: Pimax

This is a PC powered virtual reality headset. It is one the best high-resolution 5K (5120*1440) VR headset. Thus, it provides you the best immersive crystal clear visuals. The headset is designed according to the ergonomic standards with a face pad and overhead strap for comfortable use. Its broad FOV vision will provide you a wide-angle view.

Therefore, enemies cannot hide in the edges and out of your reach in VR gaming. It is compatible with almost all Oculus games so you can enjoy the oculus play store in this headset. Pimax 5k is also for watching high graphics 3D movies because of its high video quality.


  • 200º diagonal FOV
  • Very high resolution
  • No screen-door effect
  • 5K headset


  • Optical distortion
  • Complex setup
  • Expensive

VR Headset V3

Photo Credit:VRBeatz

It is one of the lowest price VR headsets. It requires your phone to work. The headset is very light in weight, has face pad and overhead and side adjustable straps. Its innovative design makes it very comfortable to use. The device is almost compatible with almost all the Android and IOS smartphones between 4 to 6-inch sizes. V3 has high-quality crystal clear HD lenses for better immersive 3D movies and gaming experience in the virtual world.


  • Super simple to setup
  • Inexpensive
  • Clear display


  • Phone adjustment problem

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset

Photo Credit:Samsung

Samsung Gear is a mobile-powered virtual reality headset. This VR headset is very comfortable because of its lightweight, front face padding, and adjustable side strap. It brings reality in the virtual world with its broad view and head tracking. It is compatible with almost all Samsung S and note series. Therefore, it is useful for Samsung mobile users. It is excellent for watching 3D movies and games in the virtual world through your mobile.


  • Easy to use
  • Touchpad
  • Comfortable
  • Lower priced


  • Doesn't support all Samsung smartphones

What Virtual Reality Headset Should You Invest In?

Well, it will depend on your budget for one. Secondly, what are you looking for in your headset? We hope the above listed selections has certainly provided you further insight prior to your purchase. If you are a console gaming enthusiast the Playstation VR is your best bet. Why? Well, currently is is the only headset designed specifically for console gamers.

There are more advanced gamers that may be looking more for what the above mentioned Valve Index and HTC Vive can create for them. Again, we all are individual. There are certainly cheaper VR headsets in the market to choose from. Some of which we have covered in this post.

Overall, we feel the very best VR headsets currently are the Playstation VR, Valve Index, Oculus Go and HTC Vive. Oculus has a big selection of headsets and they come in different processing sizes that may suit you better. That being said, these are the higher-end models users have to choose from. If you want the very best, these are our top recommendations.

We have covered many of the pros and cons of each of these headsets. The reason being is we want to ensure you know the weaknesses as well as the strengths of each of these. So, you get the highest return on your investment after purchase. Thus, the reason we created VR Gear Pro in the first place. It is critical our visitors get the most current information possible.

Is There New Information Regarding VR Headsets in 2020?

The good news is the price of many models continue to drop as technology advances. In addition, models like the standalone Oculus Quest as well as the Valve Index do not require it to be tethered to a PC. They both create near-PC high resolution quality which is awesome.

Google has stated that they will no longer be investing its resources in its Daydream line of virtual reality headsets. The reason being low consumer interest and involvement. So, our recommendation is to not invest your money in this. The problem as a whole with virtual reality is that there isn't sufficient VR headsets in the industry. There are. The issue is there are far too many to choose from and it sometimes it hard to decide which one is best.

That being said, the virtual reality industry is only going to get better. It is due to grow to a $44.7 billion dollar business by the year 2024. An additional issue facing the virtual reality customer is so many different experiences are being advertised. For example, hardware. It can be confusing especially for first time virtual reality consumers.

The great news is that standalone virtual reality headsets are becoming more advanced and prices are dropping. These standalone models are nearly as powerful as their personal computer cousins. The prices for these VR headsets are much cheaper and more affordable then they were over 3 years ago.

So, it is now much easier to make your selection than ever before.

Closing Thoughts

Virtual reality headset is an advanced technology that is revolutionizing and changing our world. Many industries have adopted this technology, and others will shift towards this. You can do so many things with VR headsets, as mentioned above. You might have now got a detailed answer to your question, “Should I buy Virtual Reality Headset?” We hope you will enjoy its mesmerizing experience.

We hope this article has been helpful and will ensure you make the best informed decision with your purchase. Again, prices will vary depending on the additional features each VR headset provides. The good news is even the higher end models will continue to drop in price. Yes, there will be new models that come out but that is also great news for the end-user. Less expense and increase VR gaming experience. A win-win situation for us all.

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