What Are The Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Games?

What are the pros and cons of virtual reality games? Well, there are more benefits then drawbacks let's get that right. Who doesn't love video games right? Even better? Virtual reality games.

Virtual reality is an advanced technology that allows you to simulate things in a three dimensional immersive, and realistic environment. Many industries are adopting this technology. It is revolutionizing our modern world. If you are a gamer, then you must know about VR gaming because it is adopted by gamers in its very early stage. It is now a top trend in the gaming industry and has completely changed the gaming world. You need a virtual reality headset to put on and enter into a completely new world. There are benefits to play games in VR. You feel the live experience and can do things that are not possible in traditional PC and mobile gaming. But three are some disadvantages as well. Therefore we are going to list some pros and cons of virtual reality games.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Games

Let's discuss the pros of virtual reality games first, and then we will discuss the cons.


First-hand Experience

Things become more exciting and more enjoyable if you do by yourself. For example, playing sports is more interesting than watching. Likewise watching sports and concerts in the stadium and hall is more enjoyable than watching on a TV. Virtual reality is providing both the facilities to gamers. It not only gives you live experience but also allows you to enjoy games physically through controllers and gestures.

Burn Calories

If you want to lose fats and burn calories but can’t do exercise regularly or you don’t have time to go to the gym. Then it is a great source to burn calories while enjoying a game on a VR headset. It allows you to play games physically; therefore, you ultimately burn calories with gaming.

Stress Relief

Games offer you to escape out from anxiety. Therefore, virtual gaming is an excellent source to relieve stress. It gives you a new world and cuts you out of the environment for some time.

Medical Treatment

Study shows that virtual gaming is helping to cure mental health problems and disease like PTSD. It also helps to cure chronic pain because of physical engagement and movement. Therefore, it is assisting in medical treatment.

It Can Be Better Reality

yes, virtual reality can take even out own reality to new heights. The visual space you see in virtual reality is unlike anything we see in reality. It can even make you feel like you are in another world, totally unlike here on Earth. Can it actually be any better than that anyway? Well, sometimes in virtual reality it can be. Users will experience incredible, pristine surround sound. In addition, the graphics you'll experience in virtual reality is truly remarkable.

Lastly, you'll get real experiences in virtual reality gaming where you are fighting ghosts and goblins. Yes, even zombies.

Enhances Professions

Virtual reality is truly taking different professions to new levels. VR is being used with the military and in medical professions. It helps Soldiers prepare for war and also medical students prep for surgery. In addition, it provides new dimensions that reality simply cannot provide. Also, it has been seen in both architecture as well as aviation fields.

Better Experience

Yes, virtual reality takes our human experience to new heights. VR helps users to be taken to new environments and feel different sensations they may not otherwise feel in the real world. The cinematic industry has already jumped on this new technology. Audiences now experience their whole. surroundings.

More Visual Views

Virtual reality provides the most clear, detailed and full views of various locations and places. In addition, you can play in virtual reality with other users from other locations and countries. Do you desire to go to another place but don't quite have the budget just yet? Well, get involved with virtual reality and the technology will take you there.

Network with Others

Virtual reality provides people in other countries and cities get together and meet. Yes, gamers from all over the world can play in virtual reality together. It is one thing to user your VR headset in virtual reality but a whole other things to experience VR with others. It is a great way to network with other like-minded virtual reality enthusiasts.

Improve Communication

There are numerous benefits to virtual reality as we have discussed above. An additional benefit of virtual reality is communication. As mentioned above, you can meet people in virtual reality from other locations. In addition, the colors, sounds, locations are all enhanced in virtual reality versus reality itself.

One of the main pros of Virtual reality is effective communication. Users can communicate with each other and thus enjoy the conversation between them. It gives a new experience of communicating with the people.



You know very well that game is designed to engage people, and almost every game is an addiction. Virtual games have more addiction than traditional games because of its powerful graphics and reality. You can easily be addicted, and it keeps you engage, which is harmful to your routine activates and work.

Health Problems

If you keep yourself engage in virtual games and spend more time on virtual gaming, then it can cause serious health issues. Nausea, distortion, and eyesight loss are noted health issues caused due to successive virtual gaming.


Gaming in virtual keeps you engaged, and you can get addicted to it. Thus, you spend more time playing games on a VR headset. Therefore, you can easily isolate yourself from your family and friends.


Most of the advanced virtual gaming headsets are still very expensive. Therefore, they are out of reach of many people.

Virtual Reality Headsets: Four products

We are going to tell you some products for virtual gaming.

SKYWORTH 8K Standalone VR Headset

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality Games
Photo Credit: Wkyworth

This is one of the most advanced VR headsets which supports 4K resolution and 8K hardware decoding. It has a very comfortable engineering design with front face cushioning. It also has adjustable straps for perfect fitting. The built-in dual speaker and microphone give you quality and uninterrupted sound in the virtual world. Its massive 105º field of view gives you wide-angle visuals and more details. This is a standalone VR; therefore, you will not require any phone or a PC to control it. Its high-resolution 4K system will take you in a 3D world.


  • Support 6 degrees of freedom
  • Wireless
  • Portable
  • 4K resolution


  • Expensive

VIULUX V8 PC Powered Virtual Reality Headset

Photo Credit: Viulux

This is a powerful PC powered VR headset. The device is light in weight, has front and back cushions for comfortable use. There are two adjustable rotors in front and back of the device for perfect overhead fitting. It works well with Steam VR gaming without any interruptions. This gaming VR is computable with six degrees of freedom so that you can enjoy gaming with a wide view and movement in the virtual world. There are two resolutions, which are 2560x1440P and 1920x1080P. You can switch these resolutions through the button the headset.


  • Switchable button
  • Compatible with 6 DOF
  • High resolution
  • Nine axis sensors


  • No headphones
  • Bit expensive

All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

This is a standalone VR headset that means no need for a phone or a PC to power it. It is comfortable to use because of its lightweight and front padding. The side and overhead adjustable straps allow perfect fitting on any head. It has 360º head tracking; therefore, you can enjoy a better gaming experience, and everything looks more real. This VR headset gives you 50 plus 3D games and a bunch of movies to enjoy. It is equipped with high-end lenses that have a large field view. Thus, it gives you a better immersive experience in the virtual world.


  • Portable and wireless
  • Supports V05
  • High-resolution


  • Required headphones

HTC VIVE Pro Starter Edition

Photo Credit: HTC

It is a PC powered virtual reality headset with complete game sensors and hardware. It has a powerful tracking system that controls your movement in space no matter you are sitting or standing. The system has high resolution (2880 x 1600) and dual-AMOLED display, which gives you an immersive experience in a 3D world. Its engineering ergonomics design allows you to use it for a long time. The headset has two controllers so that your hand is always in the game. It has a built-in audio system; therefore, you do not need any headphones or speakers for audio.


  • Lear visuals
  • No screen-door effects
  • Headphones


  • Software problem for some users
  • Heavyweight

Closing Thoughts

Pros and cons are linked with every technology as it is in the case of playing games in virtual reality. You are wise enough that it depends upon the usage. If you play games in VR in a balanced way, then it will give extreme fun and pleasure. It will not affect your health. But if you use it successively, then it can lead to serious health problems and other issues.

So, there are many pros and cons of virtual reality games as we have discussed above. That being said, this is a relatively new technology that brings quite a bit of new capabilities to the VR industry. In addition, it is making a massive difference in fields like medicine and military among others.

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