Best Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

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Are you seeking the best cheap virtual reality headset for iPhone? If so, we are glad you have come to VR Gear Pro.

The very high prices of the top-flight virtual reality headsets may be the reason why most people tend to accept watching HD movies and TV shows on their old television or sacrificing a lot of money on a newer TV with flat LED screen.

In addition to being too expensive, the top-flight virtual reality headsets work only on appliances with the highest technology. So, they are not affordable for the majority of people. IPhone users are expected to look for an alternative solution that enables them to enjoy the high quality of watching movies and TV shows using a virtual reality headset. Apple did not introduce and official VR headset yet. You need to discover others that work on Apple iPhone. So, what is the best cheap virtual reality headset for iPhone?

Luckily there is a smarter solution that is less expensive for people with different financial conditions. You can depend on a lower-end virtual reality headset that works very well on smartphones. In this topic, we are focusing on the best lower-end VR headsets for iPhone users. You will have different options with different affordable prices. Compare between them and choose the best for you.

Affordable Best cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone Recommendations

Merge Virtual Reality Goggles

This VR headset is considered one of the most comfortable types that is suitable for different face forms and sizes because it is made from spongy foam rather than hard plastic. Spongy foam changes softly according to your face. The customized strap of this type is used to make it accessible by kids whose average age is 10 years old. Lenses are attached also to it for eye protection. Users of this type will also enjoy a lot of virtual reality games with 360-degree experience because Merge VR goggles allows users to access a mobile application called Miniverse than manages the 360-degree experience. Merge VR goggles works on all models of iPhone even the larger models.

Advantages of Merge VR goggles:

  • Eye protection
  • Comfortable experience
  • Accessible by users from different ages
  • Affordable price

Zeiss Virtual Reality One Plus

Using lenses and optics in Zeiss virtual reality one plus make it one of the best and valuable VR headsets. In fact, it was expensive when it was primarily introduced but now the price has dropped to be available for many VR users. Also, VR one plus could be used for all types of iPhones, it could be used for apps and videos. The attached magnet controller is used to control actions during the VR experience. It may be not cheap like other types but it is a very good option for users who want to try the premium experience with less experience VR headset.

Advantages of Zeiss VR one plus:

  • High quality
  • Less expensive than other types used for premium experience

Freefly VR Headset

freefly virtual reality headset

In previous times, this VR headset was available only for Android but now it is available for iPhone smartphones up to the XS model. It is considered the best type for gamers because of its dropped price compared to the 120-degree of view and the crossfire touch triggers. Also, there is another model that is expected to be launched. It allows users to participate in virtual and augmented reality experience. This model is called the Freefly FF3 headset. This increases your view to 180 degrees.

Advantages of Freefly VR headset:

  • 120-degree of view
  • Dropped price

Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z5

Xiaozhai bobovr

This VR headset could be used for iPhone smartphones but it works better on models with 4 – 6 inches. What is unique about this headset is that you will not be required to have an additional headphones during your VR experience. The built-in speakers with 720-degree audio will be enough for you.

Furthermore, the cheaper option of Xiaozhai bobo VR headset will make you enjoy a 120-degree view. If your iPhone smartphone doesn’t fit the bill, use the focus controls and the attached strap to adjust the headset for better VR experience. Xiaozhai bobo virtual reality Z5 is available with different types. Some of them don’t work on iPhones. So, make sure that your selected type is fit for iPhones.

Advantages of Xiaozhai bobo virtual reality Z5:

  • built-in speakers with high quality audio
  • easily adjustable

Google Cardboard

This is considered the cheapest VR headset you can buy to have VR experience. People who want to test virtual reality technology for the first time are always attracted to by the Google Cardboard type. It is very easy to use. All what you have to do is assembling the headset, sliding your iPhone into the case. Then enjoy third-party virtual reality apps. You have two choices of purchasing, either to purchase the official Cardboard from google or you can buy the unofficial model from amazon, it may cost you only 5$.

Advantages of Google Cardboard:

  • Very cheap
  • Easy to use

Hamswan Virtual Reality Headset

This is another cheap VR headset with many different features. It offers a 120-degree view with easy distance adjusting that will be useful for people suffering from myopia. Furthermore, it works on a wide range of iPhone smartphones with sizes less than 6.11 inches. So, unfortunately it may not work on iPhone XS Max. It could be used for longer sessions without increasing the heat of your iPhone thanks to the possibility of removing its front cover.

Advantages of Hamswan VR headset:

  • cheap
  • adjustable distance
  • could be used for longer sessions

View-Master Virtual Reality Headset

This VR headset was sold in the past on Apple stores but now it is only available on other places. This type is almost fit for all sizes of smartphones including iPhones and Android. This headset comes with two main designs:

  • the Iconic design with modern twist & ninja turtle
  • Batman skins with bundled in experience

To select the best cheap virtual reality headset for iPhone, consider your iPhone model and check users’ reviews and the available online videos that will help you to take the right decision. Then enjoy the VR experience without sacrificing a lot of money.

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