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Immerse virtual reality headset is the head-mounted device that creates a virtual environment to immerse a user in the virtual world. In addition, it brings a real 3D virtual environment so that you can watch movies and play games that feel like it is happening in the real world. Also, it will also allow you to watch 3D movies and videos in the virtual environment.

VR headsets can be operated by using smartphones, PC or laptops and by other console headsets. That being said, it may be used as tethered or non-tethered devices. They are widely used in the gaming sector and also on other applications using trainers and simulators.

In this article, we will provide you with in-depth details about virtual reality headsets. We will also share some of the best products. So, it will be easier for you to select the best immerse VR headset that is according to your requirements. Stay tuned!

What is the Purpose of a VR Headset?

The purpose of the virtual reality headset is to create a virtual environment that can give a memorable experience to the user. So, the major subject of the Virtual reality headset is to stimulate high definition vision in front of the user's eyes. Furthermore, it’s a head-mounted device that you can wear on your head like a pair of goggles.

What are the Main Functions of a Virtual Reality Headset?

The basic function of the virtual reality headset is to project the image with the help of lenses that are placed behind the screen. A virtual environment is created in front of the user's eyes by using graphic components of a device such as a smartphone or PC to create a stereoscopic 3D environment.

The other important function of a virtual reality headset is to detect the movement of your head to immerse yourself in the 3D environment. So, you feel like you are moving in the virtual world with zero boundaries.

A PC-powered virtual reality headset consists of many components like sensors, lenses, or connector ports. In contrast, mobile-powered headsets only have lenses, and the sensors of the mobile are used.

In virtual reality headsets, adjustable lenses that are placed between the screens are used to project the high definition image in front of the user's eyes. Lastly, the lenses create a 3D environment for the users.

The main goal and function of the virtual reality headset are to immerse the user in the virtual environment.

What are the Types of Virtual Reality Headsets?

There are different kinds of virtual reality headsets in the market. So, they can be classified into categories based on quality and connectivity or non-connectivity with other devices.

Based on connectivity or non-connectivity of VR headsets:

  • Tethered:

They are powerful Virtual reality headsets and require an external connection to a PC. In addition, they are connected with powerful PC processors by HDMI cable. Lastly, they can also operate with separate controllers and other devices.

  • Standalone:

So, these types of headsets don’t require any external connection with a smartphone or a computer. They are less powerful headsets, have an integrated computer system, sensors, processors, and storage capacity to provide a better immersion quality. Lastly, they can also work with different controllers and other devices.

  • VR Headsets for Mobile

They are the lesser powerful headsets that contain adjustable lenses and require only to connect with a smartphone or by inserting the VR cable. Furthermore, smartphones that have gyroscopic sensors can provide better immersion quality for the users in these less powerful headsets.

Based on the quality of VR headsets:

High-quality VR headsets:

These headsets are operated by a high-quality GPU graphics PC or laptop. They provide a high immersion virtual environment to the users. Also, they have the finest body movement tracking system and also have a good 3D audio quality.

So, high quality vr headsets consist of sensors, lenses, and controllers. High-quality VR headsets are very expensive and are the best choice for those users who want to enjoy a high-quality virtual environment.

Low-quality VR headsets:

Low-quality VR headsets are made of plastic, cardboard, or aluminum bodies. They consist of lenses to magnify the image just by focusing at control points or by rotational cracking in a virtual environment.

Everything is done by mobile. So, your mobile creates a split-screen, and it has the required sensors. These headsets only convert that split-screen into a 3D environment using lenses. So, they are very low in cost and are ideal for smartphone users.

What are the Best Immerse Virtual Reality Headsets?

There are a lot of virtual reality headsets available in the market but to select the best one in one of them is very difficult. For your comfort, we are going to share some of the best products of immerse virtual reality headset that will be according to your demand and requirements. Let's start!

1) Thumbsup UK, Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

If you are willing to experience the best quality graphics and refresh rates, then Thumbsup UK, Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is the perfect fit for you. Furthermore, it allows you to watch 3D movies and videos without any restrictions. In addition, it is a very portable and reliable headset. So, it blocks the view of the external world and helps the user to enter the virtual environment.

Eye cushion:

To maximize your comfort while watching and browsing virtual content, this headset provides eye cushioned technology. Now, your eyes will never get tired if you use the headset for a long time.

Completely wireless:

This headset is completely wireless; you don’t need to attach a wire. In addition, you can insert the smartphone in the headset and start watching high-quality virtual content.

Adjustable head strap and lenses:

An adjustable head strap will provide a complete and comfortable fit to your head. It will maximize your level of comfort. Adjustable lenses will provide you optimal vision. 

Wide field vision:

With the wide field vision of the headset, it will block your connection from the outside world and enters you in the world of the 3D virtual simulation environment. Also, it will provide you a wide FOV.

Compatible with most smartphones:

The smartphones that are 5 to 7 inches can be used with this headset. That is the reason; it is compatible with most smartphones.

Watch free virtual content:

You can watch and browse free content in this headset by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store. Also, you can also search “Side by Side 3D' on YouTube to watch free 3D virtual content. Lastly, you will get lost for unlimited hours by playing 3D simulation games in this headset.


  • Wide field vision
  • Wireless
  • Face contact foam
  • Adjustable head strap
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Eye cushioned technology
  • Affordable
  • Portable and durable
  • Intense 3D view


  • Does not have a good phone holding ability

2) Pansonite Virtual Reality Headset

The Pansonite virtual reality headset is the best choice for you if you want to involve yourself in the virtual world with zero boundaries. It is compatible and the best fit for the smartphone user to watch 3D movies and videos in a virtual environment. Lastly, it is a very affordable and portable headset.

Extendable phone holder:

With extendable phone holding technology, you can slot and hold the smartphone in the headset easily. The smartphones that are 4 to 6 inches wide can be placed in this headset.

3D compatible:

The Pansonite is a 3D compatible headset. Now, you can browse and watch 3D movies and videos in a virtual environment without any restrictions.

Eye cushion:

Eye cushion provides comfort to your eyes while browsing virtual reality content. Furthermore, your eyes will never get tired, and you won't feel any burden if you use it for continuous hours.

Adjustable lenses and head strap:

A cushioned head strap provides comfort and a perfect fit for your head. In addition, it is very comfortable to wear. Adjustable lenses will allow you to adjust the distance and center of the mobile from the lenses. Lastly, it can be worn on any head size.

Virtual content:

To play high-quality simulation games in a 3D environment, you can download the apps from the Play Store and App Store. In addition, you can download and watch 3D videos on YouTube, you have to search ‘side by side 3D'.

Eye-catchy Design:

Its sleek black and white color design gives it a perfect and eye-catchy look. It will give you a stylish look when you wear it on your head.


  • Portable and durable
  • Light-weighted
  • 3D compatible
  • Wireless capability
  • Cushioned head strap technology
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to set up
  • Eye-catchy look


  • A bit uncomfortable from the eye area.

Closing Thoughts

Immerse virtual reality headset creates an environment to immerse the user in the virtual world. Furthermore, the user can enjoy the virtual environment at a reasonable price. So, there are different types of VR headsets available in the market. To make a good choice, we have provided in-depth details about the VR headset.

We have also shared the best products of the immense virtual reality headset. Features, pros, and cons are also mentioned in detail. Lastly, the immense virtual headset has great features; you will never regret using it.

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