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A virtual reality headset creates a mesmerizing environment that immerses a user physically into virtual reality. If you are a gamer, then you might understand how delightful it is to play games physically in a real 3D environment and enjoy it to the fullest.

A VR headset immerses you in the virtual world, and you feel like you are fighting with a gaming character, driving cars, and chasing enemies similar to the real environment.

You can use the VR headset by using your mobile, PC, and other consoles. They may be used as tethered or non-tethered devices, depending on the type of the headset.

Some virtual reality headsets come as standalone devices, while other headsets require additional devices. In this article, we will guide you thoroughly about immerse plus virtual reality headset that will also help you to buy the best virtual reality headset.

Before we dive into the details of the product, we must understand the types of VR headsets.

Types of VR headsets

  • Cardboard/Mobile-powered VR headset:

Cardboard/mobile-powered VR headsets work with a smartphone. The user puts the smartphone in the headset and starts enjoying the virtual environment. It consists of lenses to create a virtual environment. The sensors in your mobile do the rest of the work. These headsets are low in budget and are ideal for smartphone users.

  • Standalone VR Headsets

Standalone VR headsets are one of the best devices for virtual reality. People prefer these headsets because they are portable enough. You can carry them anywhere and use them whenever you want. The best thing about these VR headsets is that they have their own operating system and everything that requires to run that system. It has memory and sensors. So, it is a complete package; you don't need to connect it with a high-end PC or use it with a smartphone. It is an ideal choice for people who don't have a high-end PC, but they want to have an immersive experience of virtual reality.

You can store games, movies, and applications in memory and enjoy this type of headset wherever you want. But they have a limited battery time, so they need recharging.

  • PC-Powered VR Headsets

PC-powered VR headsets are the best VR headsets. The experience that they offer is unmatchable and unbeatable. You cannot compare its experience with standalone or mobile-powered VR headsets. These devices are for gamer lovers and new technologies that work on VR headsets. They require a high-end PC, which is an additional cost. 

Buying Tips for VR Headsets

Make your own choice:

Make your choice to select which type of VR headsets. It could be a PC-powered, mobile-powered, or standalone device. Different types of VR headsets have different features, so you can select anyone according to your use.

Choose according to your application:

You need to select the VR headset according to your application. There are three types of VR headsets, and all of them have different features.

  • For High-end Gaming and Training

For this purpose, the best choice is the PC-powered VR headset. These headsets are used in PC’s to enjoy a 3D virtual environment. It is the best choice for hardcore gaming and training purposes. For example, the Defense Department needs high-quality immersion for training simulations, so it requires high-end headsets. PC-powered headsets are very expensive for you to purchase. To enjoy high-quality virtual simulations, you might need to buy a graphics card for your PC.

  • For Movie and Light Games

If you want to watch movies and play games, then you should go for standalone headsets. These are perfect for enjoying 360° and a 3D environment. You will have an immersive experience. Games in such a headset will blow your mind. The last choice is a mobile-powered VR headset, which has very limited videos and applications. But it is perfect for beginners and kids. 


Choose the VR headset according to your budget. If you want to enjoy high-quality virtual simulations on PC and have a high budget of $400-$1200, then PC-powered VR headsets are the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a 3D virtual environment on mobile and have a low budget of less than $100, then mobile-powered VR headsets are the perfect fit for you.

If you are in the middle and have a budget of $250-$700, then you can choose standalone VR headsets.

What is Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset?

Immerse plus virtual reality headset is a device that you wear on your head like a pair of goggles to enjoy the virtual taste of watching movies and playing games in the 3D environment. It is a head-mounted device that requires a smartphone to create a virtual environment.

A virtual reality headset can track the movement of your head so that you feel like you are moving your body in the virtual environment too. This will allow you to be completely immersed in the 3D environment. Immerse Plus virtual reality headset uses the sensors of your mobile to track your motion. It uses the mobile screen and creates a virtual environment using lenses.

There are two versions of the headsets. The first headset is the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset, and the latest version is Immerse Plus. After the huge success of the previous version, the company has come up with a better version to offer a better experience to the users. After all, it is a smartphone VR headset, so it is affordable for everyone.

How Does Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset Work?

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset works similarly to any other smartphone VR headset. The headset contains two lenses that are arranged in a specific fashion. These lenses reflect the image produced by the mobile and create a 3D environment for the users. No doubt, the image produced gives a pleasurable experience to the user. 

The lenses in the headset are adjustable. Therefore, it is perfect for everyone. You can easily adjust the lenses according to your comfort. If your vision is a bit weak, then using lens adjustment, you can use the headset without glasses. 

The headset does not contain any sensor in it, which is what you can expect from a VR headset that works on mobile. The gyroscope and other sensors of the smartphone you are using do the work. In short, there is no operating system in the VR headset, and everything is done by the smartphone. The headset only has lenses that render that image into virtual reality.

When you play a VR game or video on your mobile, the screen splits into two. These split screens are for the two lenses in the headset. The headset creates a virtual environment by using these screens.

Thumbsup UK, Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset

If you want to watch 3D movies and videos on your smartphone in a real virtual environment, then the Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset is the perfect fit for you. It requires a smartphone to work, and you can enjoy virtual reality at a low cost. It is a very portable and reliable headset.

The headset can work with a wide range of devices. It can work with any smartphone that is 4-6 inches wide.

Thumsup VR Headset Use

To use it, you need to download the app on your smartphone. After the installation of the app, insert your smartphone in the headset, and start enjoying the 3D virtual environment. So, it is very easy to operate. It is also comfortable to wear.

All the apps related to this VR headset are available on the Play Store and App Store. It is also perfect for watching free 3D simulation videos on YouTube.

The adjustable lenses allow you to adjust the distance and center of the mobile from the lenses. You can adjust the less according to your comfort. Moreover, the eye cushion provides comfort to your eyes while watching 3D movies. You won't feel pain even if you use it for a longer duration. The cushioned head strap technology provides comfort and a perfect fit for your head.

Its sleek black and white color design also give it a perfect and eye-catchy look. Most importantly, it’s a brilliant headset for smartphone users to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

Also, it is one of the most affordable and portable virtual reality headsets. For all these amazing features, you will never regret using it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cushioned head strap technology
  • Affordable
  • Portable and durable
  • Light-weighted
  • Works with all smartphones
  • Wireless capability
  • High resolution


A bit tight from the eye area

Closing Thoughts

Virtual Reality is fascinating, and everyone loves to experience it. There are many types of headsets available in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to pick the best one. We have explained the types of VR headsets available and where you can use them. We have also given you some tips that you can consider while buying a VR headset.

The Immerse Plus virtual reality headset is an amazing VR headset for smartphones. It can take you to a new world of virtual reality. We have explained the features, pros, and cons of this product in detail. It is affordable and ideal for smartphone users.

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