How to Use Virtual Reality Headset with iPhone?

How to use virtual reality headset with iPhone is a question we often get here at VR Gear Pro. So, our aim with this post is to provide some insight to help set you up for success.

Virtual reality is continuing to grow. The technology has really only been around since 2010. There were a few major next-generation virtual reality headsets that were introduced to the marketplace in the 2010s.

For example, the Playstation VR, HTC Vive and and Oculus. Oculus continues to grow rapidly thanks to being owned by Facebook. They bought the company for a reported $2 billion USD. There are many head-mounted viewer or handheld virtual reality options in the marketplace.

That being said, what about with iPhone use? Well, the good news is that you can. The options for Android users seems to be somewhat more extensive but iPhone user can enjoy VR too.

What Do You Need To Use Virtual Reality on an iPhone

The same needs you'll need to operate virtual reality on an iPhone is the same as it would be on any smartphone.

So, you'll need apps that are going to deliver virtual reality content. Furthermore, you'll need a viewing device. For example, the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

The good news is that once you have the above listed items you are setting yourself up for success. You'll be ready to experience virtual reality using your iPhone.

How Do I Use Virtual Reality on my iPhone?

The first thing you need to do is select the VR app you are seeking to use. You'll then want to put the iPhone within the viewer so you have the screen facing towards you.

You then want to raise the viewer to your eye level. That being said, you may or may not be able to interact with the apps you have open. It all will depend on the viewer hardware you are currently using.

VR apps can vary from app to app. There are some apps that will present content to you like you're watching television. That being said, there are others that are far more interactive such as games. We all know there are plenty of games to choose from already in the marketplace.

What Virtual Reality Will Not Provide By Using Your iPhone

The problem currently for iPhone users it the high-powered virtual reality systems are devices controlled by high-end computers. We discussed a majority of these systems in the top 2020 virtual reality systems.

In addition, these types of VR headsets use controllers to allow the end-user to interact within virtual reality. So, virtual reality on an iPhone is not quite up that type of experience just yet.

The experience you will encounter using an iPhone is currently more passive. So, you'll be able to view content and be able to interact with apps. The iPhone doesn't quite have the same experience that the Samsung Gear VR headset provides.

You can experience virtual reality on your iPhone via iPhone-compatible virtual reality apps. So, they let you select the items for a short period of time. The iPhone's lighting connector isn't currently compatible with devices like the Samsung Gear VR. In addition, most often times it is not compatible with the micro-USB plugs that most VR headsets use.

Are There Any iPhone-Compatible VR Headsets Available To Me?

Well, the first thing you want to ensure is if your iPhone and the VR headset you are interested in is compatible. This is step one. The good news is there are some great options for you available in the marketplace. The below listed iPhone-compatible virtual reality system viewers will help you enjoy all the benefits of VR.

  1. Zeiss Virtual Reality One Plus: This headset gives iPhone users a lot of hope. It features support for augmented reality apps. In addition, it has the backing of a well-known fashion brand. It is reasonably priced so it will not break your bank account either. Learn More
  2. Homido VR Headset: This is a great option for iPhone users as it is extremely comfortable. In addition, it is compatible for users that wear eyeglasses. So, this headset does offer the end user with some additional options such as being able to adjust lenses that fit your face perfectly. Learn More.
  3. P2 Dodocase: There is nothing really special about this particular viewer. In fact, it is made out of cardboard. Learn More.
  4. View Master: This is the perfect brand for kids not to mention plenty of apps and games to choose from. Learn More.
  5. Google Cardboard: Simple, easy to use viewer. Also, very lightweight and the perfect spring board for your virtual reality experience. This device is best suited for beginners. Learn More.

Are There Any Legitimate VR Apps For iPhone?

The quick answer is yes. There are far more virtual reality apps in Google Play as compared to the App Store. In addition, you may want to also check out the Samsung Gear app store as well. They have a ton of great app selection.

Our top recommendations for the best virtual reality apps are as follows. Remember, these selections are more geared toward users that already have a VR viewer.

  1. Life VR – You will get a wide selections of some of the top brands bringing you the best virtual reality has to offers. For example, Sports Illustrated, Time and People magazine to name only a few.
  2. Jaunt VR – Interested in documentaries, college football or ESPN? Jaunt will ensure you get virtual reality content from the sources you are most interested in.
  3. Discovery VR – Who doesn't love the Discovery channel right? This app will take you to far off destinations and around the world.
  4. Inception – Do you love traveling the world? Well, this app will help you do exactly that. You can travel to various spaces and different cities with this app.
  5. NVT VR – In to Journalism and education? This app created by the New York Times will bring the VR world to you. Great content can be enjoyed using this app.
  6. Within – Get a collection of multiple virtual reality content. You also can check out Mr. Robot, a USA television show popular with many people.
  7. Sisters: A VR Ghost Story – Like horror films? Well, many people do. Take horror to a whole new level in the virtual reality world.. This app will take you there

Is There a Great Future for Virtual Reality on our iPhones?

Of course. You can count on Apple to be getting into the virtual reality game as well. Virtual reality systems and the industry itself continue to advance. That being said, virtual reality via the iPhone is generally in its infant stage. So, there is much room for improvement and advancement.

Apple will surely have to make their devices more virtual reality friendly. Currently, they are not on the same level as Samsung. Apple's VR headset support for the iOS simply isn't there yet. What Apple will need to do is to add core VR support for their new devices and products.

Apple is a huge fan of augmented reality rather than virtual reality. The company's CEO, Tim Cook, is also a fan of AR. That being said, even though Apple is more of a fan of augmented rather than virtual reality you can best bet they will want to dominate the VR space too.

Is Virtual Reality on the iPhone Really VR?

Well, not quite but close. Virtual reality is immersing yourself into a plan of existence where you can navigate over all planes. In addition, you are able to view objects on difference angles and sides.

Virtual reality via the iPhone is somewhat semi-immersive, passive experience. It will certainly give you an introduction to VR but is it on the par of some of the other top virtual reality systems in the market? No.

iPhone VR, a virtual reality game doesn't provide much interactivity. All you can really do is look around. The majority of iPhone apps are less immersive and generally more interactive in nature. Virtual reality feels like reality. The more advances virtual reality systems like the HTC Vive and Valve Index can completely trick the brain into believing it is somewhere that it is not. In addition, all movements and directions are possible with these devices.

We hope this post on how to use virtual reality headset with iPhone has answered some if not all of your questions. Our main goal here is to continue to provide information to help you make the best VR investment.

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