How To Use Virtual Reality Glasses in 2023

How to use virtual reality glasses in 2023 is an important question. One that we seek to answer in this post.

Virtual reality is to experience an environment that is virtual and not real. Things in the virtual environment are not real. They may seem real, but they are not. Computers help to create a virtual environment, it may not sound good as it is. It is developing since the 1960s and still is under development. The idea was to create an environment free from the troubles of this world.

A perfect world according to the need of every human being is achieved by using simulations and 3D rendering. The graphics are rendered from a PC or smartphone on to the virtual reality (VR) headset or glasses. The quality of display and immersion depend on the PC or smartphone. People want to know how to use virtual reality glasses. Therefore, we will discuss how to use virtual reality glasses.

Today, virtual reality has grown so much that it is used in almost all industries. Whether it be a field of education, entertainment, gaming, medicine, design, and training. It is a computer through which the VR try to portray a real-world on the flat screen of VR glasses to give an immersive experience to the user. VR is spreading its hands to make the world a better place by providing solutions beyond human imagination.

The Misconception Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Before we dive into how to use virtual reality glasses, we should clear a misconception. Most people, especially our elders mix up things between augmented reality and virtual reality. And a huge crowd thinks that augmented reality and virtual reality are the same things. We must educate people who know this particular field.

Many blogs focus on eliminating this misconception from the minds of people. If people have a better understanding of AR and VR, then it will be easy for them to understand new technologies that are coming towards them. So, let us discuss the basic and brief difference between augmented reality and virtual reality.

VR vs AR?

Both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) create a virtual environment that is not real. But augmented reality uses the real world for its creativity. In augmented reality, digitally or computer-generated object is placed on real-world objects.

For example, using a camera of a mobile phone. You will see your room but some computer-generated objects will appear on the screen of your phone that would sit on the real-world environment. In reality, you won't see it. But through the screen and your camera, you can experience augmented reality. The best examples of Augmented Reality are Pokemon GO game and Snapchat face filters.

Whereas virtual reality is a completely new environment not relating the real world in it. The simulation of virtual reality is rendered using the simulation created on the PC or VR app.  These simulations may be an addition to this world or gaming environment or a peaceful relaxing environment or a training workshop. Virtual reality application is vast as every industry is using this technology. However, this is just a difference to educate people on what augmented reality and virtual reality is.

How Virtual Reality Glasses Work

It is necessary to know about the working of virtual reality glasses before we discuss how to use them. Virtual reality glasses are becoming popular day by day. They provide entertainment and relaxation to people. VR glasses are very comfortable and light in weight. The users can mount these virtual reality glasses on their heads and enjoy watching movies or playing games. Virtual reality glasses require a smartphone. The latest models will provide the best VR results. As new smartphones have better display and screen resolution.

There are lenses in these glasses that allow it to create a more in-depth environment. The screen of the smartphone creates a 3D environment via these lenses. The smartphone divides the image into two halves. These split images help in making a 3D image.

Each eye will have a separate image and each eye will see the image with a slight change in perspective. These split images trick your brain to process these images as 3D. All 3D simulations use this technique even the 3D TVs. But virtual glasses create a much larger screen than a TV screen.

The 3D simulations of virtual reality glasses depend on a smartphone. If a smartphone has a SUPER AMOLED display and the other has a smile RETINA display, then there will be a huge difference in graphics and display quality of the virtual environment. The size of the phone matters as the compartment available in the virtual reality glasses has a limited size. Most of the glasses do not have space bigger than 6 inches. Make sure your phone fits the size of the virtual reality glasses.

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How to Use Virtual Reality Glasses?

Now, let's discuss how to use virtual reality glasses. All virtual reality glasses are head-mounted devices (HMD). To use virtual reality glasses, a VR app is required that can be downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore. A smartphone with gyroscope sensors and a minimum of 720p screen resolution is recommended. There are a few steps in which the method of using virtual reality glasses is broken down for the ease of the readers.

Virtual Reality App

The first step is to download a virtual reality app. Depending on the operating system of your smartphone, the VR app will be available at both App Store and PlayStore. Multiple VR apps are different from their perspective. Some apps are gaming apps, while some are traveling and exploration apps and so on. So, according to your desire, download the perfect VR app.

Use the VR App

Tap on the VR application that you just downloaded from the App Store or PlayStore. If it is a gaming VR app, then make sure to pair the controller with the phone; otherwise, you cannot take control over your game. If not, then simply open the VR application.

Set Up the Virtual Reality Glasses

Some of the virtual reality glasses open from the front and some have a compartment where the smartphone just slides in. Both help to mount your smartphone into the glasses. As VR glasses cannot be used without a smartphone, it is a major requirement for experiencing a virtual reality environment. So, carefully open the virtual glasses so that the phone can be put inside it.

Mount Your Smartphone on the Glasses

Some of the virtual reality glasses have spring mounted on them onto which smartphones can be placed and some have compartments. Mount your phone carefully on the VR glasses. Many people use a protective case for their smartphones. The compartment on the VR glasses is small and hard to fit in a phone with a case. Make sure to remove any kind of protective case that you use with your smartphone. Fit the phone perfectly on the VR glasses.

Align the Smart Phone Properly

To improve the VR experience, the user should align the screen of the phone in the center. As VR creates two separate images for each eye, the phone must be placed in the center. It is important to process these images separately to provide the user with a good virtual reality experience. There is a divider the between eyes of the headset. Align this divider with a vertical line on the center of your smartphone display.

Close the Virtual Reality Glasses

After checking the perfect fit and alignment of the smartphone and the perfect running of VR application, close the virtual reality glasses. By closing, it means where you have put your smartphone (compartment or slider) so that your smartphone does not slip out. Ensure the safety of your smartphone by closing the lid of the VR headset.

Place the VR Glasses On Your Head

The next step is to place the virtual reality glasses on your head. With the use of strap-ons or velcro straps, put these VR glasses on your head. Make sure the fit of the headset is perfect and not loose in any case. If the VR glasses are not fit to perfection, then there is a possibility that light from the real environment will enter the glasses and distort the experience of virtual reality. So, it is an important step to wear the VR glasses perfectly on your head.

Adjust the Lenses (Spacing)

Most of the VR headsets can adjust the spacing of the lenses. It is important to adjust these spacings as the clarity and quality of the image depend on it. Many headsets have a knob on them so that you can easily adjust the spacing of the lenses; otherwise, you have to adjust these spacings manually. In any case, adjusting the spacing of the lenses is very important. The user does not have to adjust the spacing each time he wears it. It is a one-time thing. If you have adjusted the spacing once, just use it directly afterward. There is no need to adjust it every time you wear it.

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Adjust the Focus

The next step is also important. Adjusting the focus is a very important thing that you need to do. If the focus is not adjusted, then the image will be blurry. The blurry image will affect the human eye. You do not want to put your eyes in jeopardy. The eye is an extremely sensitive organ and if effected once, who knows that it can be treated or not. So. why not make sure that the focus is adjusted.

Knobs are present on the virtual reality headsets by which you can move the lenses forward and backward. Or you can also adjust the distance of the phone from the lenses. It will work in both cases. This is also a one-time requirement.

Control Your VR Environment

The virtual reality glasses use movement tracking sensors. As you move your head, you can interact with the virtual environment. This allows the user to control his virtual reality environment. There is a dot in the center of the screen of a smartphone. As the head moves right or left, the dot follows the movement of the head.

Some VR apps don't have dots so you need to remove the smartphone from the VR headset and start the app before putting it inside the headset. Some of the apps require external controllers. For example, games require interaction, so controllers are used in these conditions. There is no need for taking your phone out of the VR glasses.

Uses of Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual reality is dominating technology in recent years. We can see its uses in many industries. It now fulfills the requirements of many professional institutions. Virtual reality is not just related to gaming. Its wide usage is the reason for its fame and popularity. Let us discuss how to use virtual reality glasses in multiple fields.


Virtual reality is now used to teach students. Teachers create a situation in which the student has to deal with it and come with a solution. VR helps in increasing the thinking capability of the students. Students interact with a 3D environment and learn how to tackle things in real life.

Some of the students have autism, but VR technology help in motivating these students to safely practice the use of their skills. Multiple companies have created scenarios, especially for children so that they can build their confidence by using it. Some of the scenarios are speaking in front of a huge crowd, making eye contact and creating a standing for their own.


The medical industry is using virtual reality glasses the most. They use it for various applications. Whether it be to treat patients or providing training to young medical professionals. Virtual reality glasses provide treatment to patients that suffer from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The patients use virtual reality glasses under the responsibility of the therapist. VR app that fit the patient’s need perfectly is used. Calm and relaxing content and videos are played so that patients do not get hyper. There are multiple techniques for every patient that only therapists can understand.

Besides providing treatment to the patients, VR glasses are also used to give training. The clinical and surgery staff are trained in particular ways to perform surgeries in virtual reality. So when once they master the surgery virtually, they can start doing surgeries in real life to real patients. It is the best solution for providing training to the clinical staff without putting any life in danger.


Sports is one of the touchiest topics for people. The passion for sports in the heart of people is immense. Virtual reality helps both the sportsmen and viewers. For a sportsman, virtual reality glasses can create an environment where he can train and learn. VR has also the ability to track the record of the sportsman which can give him an overview of his performance and in which activity he can improve himself.

For a viewer, virtual reality glasses can take him to a real sports complex or stadium where he can watch live matches and enjoy as a real fan. Every sports fan can't go to the stadium and watch the match. But do not worry, virtual reality glasses can easily take you to any stadium in the world.


The powerful countries in the world have adopted virtual reality in their military training. They provide training to their militants in all the fields. Different simulations are available for specific scenarios so they can overcome their fear of war and learn to fight with bravery.

VR training is not only related to the battlefield, but flight simulations and boot-camp training are also given to their respective staff so that they can master in their field. It is a very important use of virtual reality glasses as it helps in serving your own country. Simulations for every step can be made difficult so that militants get aware of every possible situation.


Virtual reality is improving each day. The use of virtual reality glasses is spreading as people are getting aware of this technology. It is important to acknowledge this technology as it is the future of technology. In the past, people were unable to try virtual reality glasses due to its price. Virtual reality glasses available at cheap and reasonable prices are now in reach of every individual. The basic need of the virtual reality glasses is a smartphone which every individual has in their pockets these days.

The use of virtual reality glasses is very simple. You just need to fit your smartphone in the compartment made for a smartphone in the VR headset. Make sure to remove the protective cover as it will not fit the VR glasses. Download the VR app on the smartphone and just simply launch it. The lenses in the VR glasses create an in-depth virtual environment through the split images of the smartphone. The brain then processes these images and portray them as a 3D simulation.

This is how simple virtual reality glasses work. The application of virtual reality glasses is wide and in every field. Education, mental health, military, sports, gaming, medical are just to name a few fields in which virtual reality glasses are working wonders. It is predicted to improve more in the coming days and people cannot wait to try the updated version of these virtual reality glasses. We have explained how to use virtual reality glasses and we hope you get the idea.

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