How to Use a Virtual Reality Headset For Maximum Results

We often get asked how to use a virtual reality headset. What is the best steps in order to get the maximum experience when using these devices?

Everyone wants to experience virtual reality because it takes you to a new world. You can play games, watch live sports, enjoy videos and applications, and much more. VR is an incredible invention of this era. It has entirely changed the dimension of gaming, training, streaming, etc.

If you are new, then you might want to experience it and own a headset. You might not know how to use a virtual reality headset. But you don’t need to worry about it because we are going to explain how to use a virtual reality headset.

Everything You Need to Know on How to Use a Virtual Reality Headset

There are different kinds of virtual reality headsets, and all of them have distinct steps to configure them. So, we are going to discuss how to use a virtual reality headset according to the types of headsets. We will discuss PC powered VR headsets, Standalone VR Headsets, and VR headsets with Phone. There are three common types of VR headsets that people use. Let’s discuss them one by one.

PC Powered VR Headset

These are the headsets that require a PC to work. You need to install software on your PC according to use your headset. Then you connect your headset with PC and update the firmware. Everything will be done automatically. Some VR’s set up can be complicated. It is necessary to update the firmware to use the headset.

After the update, you might see a few tutorials to use the headset. If you are playing a game, then you need to draw your boundary and select the floor level. After setting everything, you are ready to use the headset. Such kind of headsets are used for the high-level gaming experience, and they are costly.

Standalone VR Headset

A Standalone VR headset does not need any mobile or PC to work. But you need to install the software in it using a mobile phone and this set up will be for one time only. You can use a compatible phone for the setup. These headsets are wireless, and you can pair the device with the set-up application.

Download the app and sign up or use a social media account to start the setup. Follow the instructions provided by the app, and you can then configure the device with ease. After setting up the device, you can use it without your phone. These headsets are used for gaming, videos, live sporting events, etc. These are also expensive.

VR Headsets with Phone

You will see some cheap VR headset that requires a phone to work. These are VR glasses, they cannot be compared to the above types, but they are excellent as entry-level VR headsets. These do not require any set-up. But you might need to download VR games and search VR videos on your mobile to experience them on the headset.

After that, you need to put your phone inside it. You can also connect your headphones with the mobile. If there is any controller, then you can connect it with your mobile via Bluetooth. Everything is ready now, and you can put the headset on your head to enjoy. Your phone should be compatible with the headset. In these headsets, compatibility means that your phone screen should be in the defined range. These are excellent for children.

Best Virtual Reality Headset: Top 4 Products

We are going to list some of the best virtual reality headsets for your ease. We will mention the features, pros, and cons of every product.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

This is a fantastic standalone VR headset that does not require any PC or phone once set-up. It will give you a complete virtual reality experience that you want. With this headset, you can bring the football ground near your couch. Yes, you can see live sporting events just like an audience in the playground. Moreover, you can watch your favorite shows, live events and much more with it. It is a complete portable theater in your hand. It has high-quality built-in audio, and you can also connect your headphones. You get a controller with it to navigate in the virtual world. There are no wires, you just have to put this headset on your face, and that is it.


  • Portable
  • High-quality resolution
  • Easy to set-up
  • Comfortable
  • Internal Storage (32GB)


  • Less battery life

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming

Photo Credit: Oculus

Oculus Rift S is for high-level PC gaming. It is very comfortable due to its ergonomic design and padding. So, you can enjoy long-time PC gaming. You can select your play area and enjoy the virtual world with immense pleasure. It has two controllers with it that keep track of your movements and translate them into the virtual world. Moreover, it has everything you need; thus, you don’t need to purchase sensors. It has a high-quality display and reduced screen-door effect so that you can enjoy the new world of gaming.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Games are available in Oculus store


  • No HDMI

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset

Photo Credit: HTC

HTC VIVE Pro is preferred for gaming and virtual world experience. It also has built-in headphones; thus, you don’t need to connect external headphones with it. The design of the headset is also according to ergonomic standards. It has paddings to keep the user comfortable. It has a high-quality resolution, which is 2880 x 1600 (both eyes) at 616 PPI. You can adjust the straps, IPD, headphones, and lens distance according to your comfort. The VR tracking tracks your movement, but this is only the headset, you need to purchase the controllers separately.


  • High resolution
  • Comfortable
  • Clear visuals


  • Not wireless
  • Requires PC

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone

best virtual reality headset for child
Photo Credit: DJG

This is a cheap virtual reality headset for 3D and 360˚ experience. This is excellent for children and new users. You need to put your phone inside it to enjoy it. It is compatible with phone screens within the range 4”-6.3”. You can enjoy VR games and VR videos using this headset. You can also adjust the lens according to your comfort. If you wear glasses, then you can also wear it with glasses. It can support high-resolution videos up to 4k. There is an eye-protection feature to keep your eyes safe.


  • Inexpensive
  • Supports high-resolution
  • Compatible with many phones
  • Lens adjustment


  • No controller included

Closing Thoughts

We have discussed how to use the virtual reality headset in detail. The procedure of every product is different, and we have provided you an idea related to different VR headsets. We have also listed some of the best products for your ease. You usually get a tutorial or instructions on how to use the virtual reality headset. Get the best VR headset and experience a new world.

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