How Much Do Virtual Reality Glasses Cost

Are you wondering how much do virtual reality glasses cost? If so, welcome to VR Gear Pro.

How much do virtual reality glasses cost?” is the popular question asked by people. And, why not: virtual reality glasses or VR headset is the revolutionizing technology in this century. It takes you to a new 3D world when you wear the headset and gives a live experience. By wearing it, you can train yourself for anything like flying an airplane or operating a patient while staying in your room. You will feel that you are there and actually doing these things physically. You can also enjoy movies, games, or TV shows like you are a part of them. That’s why these glasses are now being used in training, sports, education, medical field, and entertainment purposes.

Now, the answer to the question, “How much do virtual reality glasses cost?” The cost varies, depending on the feature and the technology of the headset. There are many types of VR headsets glasses available; you can buy one under $50, or some even over $1000. There are basically three main types of VR headsets glasses: PC powered, mobile headsets, and standalone devices. Usually, PC powered and standalone VR glasses are expensive, and mobile VR headsets are cheaper. Functionality is the same, but features and uses are different.  Therefore, the cost depends upon your usage and the features you want.

Are VR Glasses Worth It?

Definitely yes, more than 171 million people are using VR technology. More than 10 million VR devices were sold in 2019, and it is expected that around 37 million devices will be installed by the end of 2020. Besides, “How much do virtual reality glasses cost?” is a long debate. Below, we’re going to write why this technology is growing rapidly and why people are dying to buy it. Therefore, you can understand whether VR glasses are worth buying or not.

Virtual Safe Training

VR glasses are now being used by the military, doctors, pilots, and other professions training. They are trained in a virtual world where they practice their profession just like they do in the real world. For example, the military goes through different simulations and battle filled, and doctors do surgery on virtual patients. Thus, they are acquiring the required skills in a safe environment without any danger and at less cost. So, we can bet that every individual, professional, and organization will be ready to pay for this technology without thinking about the price in the future.

Better Learning

Like training, VR glasses are being used in primary to higher-level education. It is giving us a way better and an enjoyable way of learning. Research shows that students learn and remember the things that they practically do by themselves. And this technology enables students to do so by just wearing VR glasses. Students can explore structures of atoms, galaxies, and their projects while staying in classrooms. So, they will not only get better ideas and concepts but can also deliver and develop new things through virtual experiments. Therefore, it is worth it to spend money and buy these glasses for better and happier learning.

Intensive Live Gaming & Movies

Gamers spend thousands of dollars to get a better gaming experience. VR glasses can offer them an immersive experience. You won’t regret paying to get live gaming experience. There are certain sensors and actuators that come with VR glasses. The sensors let you feel that you’re actually in the game. That’s why people buy VR glasses for gaming, and they’re also certain VR devices that are only for gaming. Developers are also focusing on it and improving existing 3D virtual games.  Furthermore, people enjoy live movies much better than cinemas.  In fact, people feel that they’re a part of the movie. This is the reason VR glasses are mostly used for movies after gaming.

Live Sessions, Meetings & Studies

You can hold live sessions and meetings through VR glasses. It is not like boring video conferences. Here you’ll feel you all are physically there can even handshake with each other and much more. This is more interactive and productive. You can also hold classes for students just like you do in the classroom. All students can interact with each other. Think about how good and fruitful it is in the current COVID pandemic. You can meet and interact with each other without any risk of virus spreading. This is something worth buying and using a VR headset.

We think that people will never mind how much do virtual reality glasses cost. People are ready to pay money if something fulfills their desire and wants. But, unfortunately, most people couldn’t afford VR technology. But there are some inexpensive glasses that can provide the joy of virtual reality.

Best Virtual Reality Glasses

1)   GOOVIS Pro VR Headset 3D Theater Goggles

This Goovis pro is a 3D blu-ray, 4K high-resolution VR glasses that comes with a customized OLED micro-display. So, you can enjoy superfine SRGB color quality movies up to 60fps at 4K resolution in this headset. Due to its image enhancement algorithm and high-resolution video quality in 3D, you’ll feel a completely immersive and realistic experience. It is portable and connectable with various mobile devices, smartphones, and PC; therefore, you can enjoy 3D movies and gaming anywhere you want.

The headset is very comfortable to use because of its lightweight, adjustable strap, and front padding. It can adjust itself according to individual eyes using the diopter adjustment that ranges from 3D hyperopia to 8D myopia. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility of different eyesight prescriptions.

It has proximity six-axis motion sensors to enjoy gaming without any lacking or hassle. This is one of the best and portable theater VR glasses that is compatible with almost all the available devices, especially for live virtual movies and gaming in blue-ray and 4K quality.


  • Very easy to use
  • Portable
  • High video quality


  • No volume controller
  • Bit uncomfortable padding especially around the nose
  • Expensive

2)  VR Headset Virtual Reality Goggles Glasses by VR Beatz

This is a mobile-powered VR headset compatible with almost all the Android and iPhone devices ranging from 4 to 6 inches. The headset has a high definition and crystal-clear oversized lenses with an anti-reflecting material to enhance light penetration. So, you can enjoy a wide-angle and magnified immersive 3D virtual experience like 3D IMAX through your android and IOS devices under given size ranges.

It has an ergonomic and lightweight design with overhead and side adjustable straps. The device is equipped with a soft and extra-large eye cushion. Therefore, you can enjoy prolonged 3D virtual gaming and movies comfortably, even with eyeglasses. It also has the functionality to adjust its focal distance for left and right eyes independently. Therefore, there is no issue in accommodating anyone’s vision.

VR by Beatz comes with magnetic buttons to control Google Cardboard apps and games. So, you don’t have to use a smartphone or need extra controllers for gaming and app controlling. But, keep in mind that it is compatible with Google Cardboard apps and games only.

One exciting and amazing feature of this headset is it lets you see the view that the drone sees by connecting with your drone. It is called a first-person view (FPV). This feature stands this VR glasses far ahead from others in this price range.


  • Cheap
  • Can be used without glasses because of eye adjustments
  • Perfect fitting for mobile in the given ranges


  • QR code does not work.
  • Lack of instruction to use the device

3)     Tzumi Dream Vision Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset

Tzumi dream vision VR is a smartphone headset. It works with all smartphones, including Android and IOS devices, up to 6 inches. The headset is lightweight and durable with a 3-point adjustable side strap. Therefore, it can easily fit on any head. It also has front face soft foam padding to provide comfort for prolonged use.

This headset is good to enjoy 3D immersive streaming, gaming, and applications because it has built-in 360-degree video capability, focus adjustment, and blue tint anti-glare lenses. Furthermore, it also has retractable stereo earbuds that make it a complete VR headset for smartphones. You do not need to connect any earphones for sound.

It is a complete VR headset that supports all the VR apps. You need to put your phone on it and enjoy your 3D adventure.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Retractable earbuds


  • Uncomfortable
  • Some users face an adjustment problem.

4)  Newest 2020 Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

It is a standalone, all in one wireless VR headset that can work without a smartphone or PC. You can carry it anywhere you want; it’s a portable device. So, you can enjoy it anywhere you want.

This wireless headset is specially designed for gaming and turns any environment into an immersive gaming zone. That’s why it has an insight tracking system and two touch controllers. Therefore, your hands are recreated into the VR world, and your gestures and movements are instantly tracked in VR gaming. You don’t need any external accessories for it. You can also enjoy gaming, either standing or sitting, because of its touch controllers.

It has an ergonomic design, side and head straps, and front cushioning. Therefore, this device is comfortable to use. This is all in one VR for gaming with 64GB storage capacity to store and enjoy your favorite games.  


  • Enough storage
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Built-in audio


  • Expensive

5)  BNEXT VR Headset

This device works with a smartphone. It supports almost every Android and IOS mobile phone having a size between 4 to 6.3 inches. It has an adjustable head strap, breathable foam face, and eyesight protection system. You can enjoy this headset as long as you want with comfort comfortably and without any fear of losing your eyesight.

It is best to enjoy high definition 3D movies and games since it supports HD and 4K resolution videos. Further, it also has an object distance and focal distance adjustment. That’s the reason it provides you with a wide field of view and less distorted experience in gaming.

BNEXT VR is compatible with iPhone and android glasses. It is easy to use; even a child can easily operate it. Therefore, it’s a good VR to gift a child or even an adult for 3D and virtual experience.


  • Comfortable & adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Cost friendly


  • Some users found it heavy and uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

Virtual reality is a revolutionary technology. It will definitely change the world in the future in many aspects.  It has already changed many things, especially in gaming and streaming. That’s why we have listed VR glasses accordingly. But you can use it for other purposes, as discussed earlier, like in training and education. As far as how much do virtual reality glasses cost is concerned, it totally depends on you and your needs. You can also choose from the above-listed products if it fulfills your requirement. And, without any doubt, VR glasses are worth buying. But we also advise you to do some research before buying any VR glasses or headset

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