Cheapest Virtual Reality Headset for PC

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Virtual reality headset is a fascinating thing in this era and a powerful product to feel an unnatural world through motion detectors, gyro meters, and many other sensors and actuators. Virtual reality has taken the gaming environment to the next level by providing the virtual environment, and you can feel it as it is real.

People should know the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality. They both are different. For example, augmented reality is limited to mobile screen cameras, but virtual reality is different. While experiencing virtual reality, you are presented in a world which doesn’t exist, but it seems real to you. And to enhance and make it better, many companies are working on the improvement of virtual reality headset to maximize the virtual graphics.

Gamers lovers love to play games on PC. There is no doubt that there is no comparison of PC gaming. Thus, they find the cheapest virtual reality headset for PC.

What VR is the best?

Modern VR headsets are of two types, tethered and standalone. A tethered headset is connected to a physical cable, some of them are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Cosmos, and the PlayStation VR. But they are a little complicated to use due to cable, and you have restrictions in moving freely. On the other hand, standalone VR is the best as they offer the greatest physical freedom. There is no wire in them, and they are powered by their own hardware and software. So, you don’t need to connect them to an external device.

There are many amazing VR headsets for PCs. You need to select the best one according to your requirements.

What is the Cheapest VR Headset?

These VR headsets have been more accessible recently concerning price and usability. It might have started with google cardboard. It has opened the door to virtual reality because it’s cheap and compatible with smartphones. Modern gaming machines and systems are more capable of providing high and realistic graphics and virtual environments in the comfort of your home. Moreover, it makes it a much more exciting time for VR. VR headsets that are powered by mobile are the cheapest. But if you want a more enhanced experience, you need to have more budget. You will need a PC-powered headset.

Is a Cheap VR Headset Worth It?

A successful VR tricks you into believing and realizing that you are the part of the virtual world. It shows you a world that is near to reality. You can enjoy an immersive experience, but it costs a lot. You cannot enjoy high-quality graphics and mesmerizing experience in a low-end VR headset.

A big part of VR is audio; if there is audio connected to your VR through your smartphone, then it can make you feel more present and immersed in VR reality. Some VR headsets have built-in headphones to enjoy high-quality sound. Otherwise, you can connect an external headphone.

There are low budget and inexpensive VR headsets that are worth taking a look. They are excellent for beginners who want to enjoy VR for the first time and at a low price. Moreover, cheap VR headsets are not comfortable enough. You cannot wear them for a long time. In contrast, high-end headsets have cushions and adjustable belts to keep the user comfortable. You can wear the headset without any discomfort.

It’s important to remember that google cardboard apps were never meant for the VR environment. They were to provide and show what VR is for a moment. If your goal is to put the headset for an hour or plus, then you seriously need a little comfortable VR. Start looking for them, but you can’t go beneath google daydream because you won’t achieve the level of quality and immersion. You can buy the cheapest virtual reality headset for PC to enjoy an immersive experience with comfort. Let’s look at the best products.

Cheapest Virtual Reality Headset for PC: Top 4

There are many virtual reality headsets available that are compatible with PCs. But when it comes to experiencing virtual reality, we should always pick the best and cheapest virtual reality headset for PC. We have made a list along with a description of the cheapest virtual reality headset for gaming. So, let us get into the details about the virtual reality headset that can be used with PCs. 

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

Oculus is a well-known brand when it comes to virtual reality. You can easily find the best virtual reality headsets of all kinds. Oculus Rift is a PC-powered headset that is made to give an immersive experience to the user. Its high-quality graphics are amazing. In gaming, you need low-latency so that every movement can be displayed at the right time. Oculus Rift has low latency. It tracks your motion through the controllers and makes your experience more enjoyable. You can duck, more, turn, or do whatever you want, and everything will be translated into the virtual world.

The VR headset comes with two controllers that can be used to play games. The motion of your hands will be transferred to virtual reality. The best thing about the headset is the sound system. It has a built-in over-ear headphone that you can use while playing. You don’t need to connect an external headphone.

The headset will take your PC gaming to the next level. You can enjoy every moment through its detailed graphics. No doubt, it’s one of the best VR headsets for PC. But you need an expensive PC to use the headset.


  • Immersive VR experience
  • Oculus Touch Controllers
  • Headphones
  • Easy to set up
  • Comfortable


  • Requires an expensive PC

HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

It’s a complete virtual reality system with headset, controllers, and base station. You don’t need anything else. Even the headset has a built-in headphone. The headphone can offer you high-quality sound after suppressing the noise of the environment. 

The headset has a very high-resolution display, which is 2880 x 1600 pixels. You can enjoy high-quality graphics with detailed text and textures. Its tracking is also accurate. It will cover your movements.

The headset is comfortable. It has paddings around the eye and at the back. You can enjoy it without any discomfort. Moreover, the IPD of the headset is also adjustable.

Due to the latest technology of the headset, you can enjoy games on the PC. It is worth it. You will never forget the experience. 


  • Ideal for PC games
  • Synchronized and emphasized motion according to your body
  • Rich, customized, and easy design for all users
  • It has a sturdy plastic body.


  • Due to a solid body, it’s a little bit heavy.

HP – Reverb Virtual Reality Headset for Compatible Windows PCs

HP is now working on virtual reality. Furthermore, HP Reverb is a popular headset for PC. The headset has an appealing texture. It looks different and unique.

The most important thing about this headset is its 2160 x 2160 resolution, which is commendable. It’s a very high resolution that can take you to a new world. It can offer you an immersive experience. Furthermore, it offers a 114° field of view. Thus, you can see a wider area while playing the game.

The headset also has headphones that provide excellent sound quality. Its audio system is amazing. You can enjoy the sound of its headphones.

The headset is comfortable and lightweight. It weighs only around 1.1 lbs, so you can wear it for a long time.


  • Lightweight
  • Sharp resolution
  • Comfortable design
  • Headphones
  • Reasonable price


  • Not easy to set up

Dell – Visor Virtual Reality Headset for Compatible Windows PCs – White

Dell has introduced an amazing virtual reality headset that is ideal for PC gaming. It has all sensors that you can expect from a VR headset. It can track your movement and translate it into the virtual world. The important thing is its Bluetooth connectivity, so you don’t need to worry about the wire. Just connect the headset through Bluetooth and enjoy it without any hassle.

There are wireless controllers with the headset. You can enjoy gaming and your movement in virtual reality. The headset has a high-quality display with a resolution of 1440 x 1440. The field of view is also 110°. Moreover, the refresh rate of the headset is 90 Hz. In short, you will enjoy amazing graphics without stuttering and lagging.

The manufacturer also offers one-year parts and labor warranty. Thus, there is nothing to worry about.


  • High-resolution display
  • Comfortable
  • Controllers included
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • No Interpupillary Distance Adjustment
  • No headphones

Closing Thoughts

As the world is changing, technology is also changing with time. Virtual reality has changed the gaming experience. In virtual reality, you have better interaction and immersive experience. Many companies have been working over this technology and producing their product; some of them are Oculus, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, etc.

There are many headsets available for PCs, but you need the cheapest virtual reality headset for PC that can provide an amazing experience. No doubt, PC-powered headsets are expensive, but they are worth it. You can enjoy them to the fullest. We have shared some of the best virtual reality headsets that can take you to a new world of virtual reality. We hope you get the cheapest virtual reality headset for PC.

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