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Virtual Reality Headset is a device that allows a user to enjoy Virtual Reality. In the last two decades, there has been a massive growth in demand for VR headsets. For trainers, simulators, and video game lovers, this is one of the best things ever invented. If you want to enjoy virtual reality in an easy and enjoyable way, this is going to be the best option for you to have pleasure. People who enjoy video technology are benefiting immensely from the invention of the VR headset. By using it, you will feel the actual real appearance in a video or in a game. Moreover, the latest technology demands devices like this.

With the advancement of technology, VR headsets are becoming cheaper. Now, there are affordable headsets available that can be used on iPhones and Android. Today, we are going to share the best VR headset for iPhone 6.

What Is VR Headset for Mobile?

There are three types of VR headsets available: PC-powered, Standalone, and VR headset for mobiles. PC-powered and Standalone VR headsets are quite expensive, but the experience that they provide is unbeatable. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such expensive headsets. A million thanks to the technology because some VR headsets can be operated through mobile, and they are affordable.

A VR headset for mobile contains two lenses. There is no built-in operating system, which is the reason these headsets are inexpensive. These only contain lenses in a VR frame. The lenses can be adjusted according to comfort. Everything is done by the smartphone you are using with the headset. Your smartphone plays a VR video on and splits the screen into two. This split-screen video is transformed into a 3D virtual world using the lenses in the VR headset. In simple words, the VR headset for mobile has lenses in a specific arrangement that can create a 360° view for the user.

Why Should I Buy a VR Headset?

The most asked question is, “Why should I buy headsets?” There are many reasons for buying this wonderful piece of enjoyment. VR Headset is becoming popular day by day, and its importance is also increasing greatly. Its application and enjoyment are not only bound to video gaming purposes, but this product can also be used for meditation, exercises, education, therapy, and in many fields. Moreover, the presence of such an attractive technology also makes a person more social. It gives you an artificial environment full of thrill like the real world.

Is VR Headset Safe for Eyes?

Researches have proved that VR Headset cannot permanently damage your eyes. Surprisingly, there are some headsets that have the feature to improve the real vision quality of the damaged eyes.

But precautionary measures should be taken in every case; you should use this device for at least 30 minutes continuously and use it again after taking some rest.

In many VR headsets, you will find eye-protection features. These safety features protect your eyes from harmful rays.

1)    OPTOSLON 3D VR Glasses for Mobile Games and Movies

If you are looking for the best VR Headset for iPhone 6 to enjoy games or movies, then this one is going to be the best choice for you to buy. The unique feature of this headset is that the pupil distance of lenses is adjustable so that the user can easily adjust them according to the needs. Even a user with 800° myopia can enjoy the headset without wearing glasses.

It is very lightweight, so it does not stretch your neck. So, you can pass all the time of its use easily with pleasure and comfort. Due to its specific design, it can be used for iPhone 6, 6s, 6s plus, and many more. In this case, it provides an all in one option.

You can use it at any time or anywhere because it doesn’t have any battery system. The brackets of the headset are very intelligently created and are so easy to use that you can fit your mobile phone into the bracket without any difficulty.

Moreover, the headset has flexible bands that will help you to adjust it correctly according to your head size. It is suitable for both adults and children.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Good adjustment with any size of the head
  • Pupil distance adjustment


  • Doesn’t work without a phone jack.

2)    VR Set Incl. Remote Control for Android Smartphones

This is one of the most demanding, highly-rated, and budget-friendly VR headsets. It is perfect for iPhone 6 and many other smartphones.

ALTASONIX is one of the most demanding headsets due to its bunch of qualities. The most important problem with all VR headsets is that they badly affect the eyesight. But this headset has an amazing feature of eyesight protection, so you will remain safe from the harmful effects of the screen on your eyes. You can use different mobile phones on this headset because it is compatible with all phones having a screen size of 4-6.2 inches.

The headset can work with high-resolution, including 4K. It offers you an immersive experience in the virtual world at a reasonable price.

It has foam for an accurate grip on the face. The foam is also breathable, so the user remains comfortable, even after using the headset for a long time. It is very comfortable and can even be used by children.

The headset also comes with a remote controller due to which you can easily control the game or video for android phones. But due to the issue of Bluetooth, the controller does not work fully with iPhones.


  • Remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Eye protection
  • FD and OD adjustment
  • Comfortable


  • The controller doesn’t worry fully with iPhones.

3)    BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone 

BNEXT VR Headset is one of the most famous headsets whose demand and value is increasing consistently in the market because it is an easy way to spend a relaxing time. Due to its compatibility, it can also be used for iPhone and android sets. It is very easy to put on, and your mobile will easily fit into the slots. Moreover, the company provides a detailed description of how to use it. This feature makes it very easy to use.

The headset offers a wide field of view, which is perfect for a good experience. You can also adjust the focal distance and object distance according to your comfort. Even if you have myopia, you can adjust the lenses to minimize the distortion. Its lens quality enables you to use it without glasses.

The headset is comfortable enough. It is ideal for adults and children. There are adjustable straps that can help you fit the headset properly. This headset will make your experience better and worthy. It is the best VR headset for iPhone 6.


  • Safe to use
  • Affordable
  • Breathable foam
  • Has exclusive VR content and apps


  • Gets hot when used excessively
  • A little heavy in weight

4)    Headset VR Glasses Helmet for 3D Video Movies Games for Apple iPhone

This headset is specially created for gaming purposes and getting into the videos. The feature of FOV adjustment enhances and widens the viewing quality and capacity.

To reduce viewing distortion, it has a good feature of myopic alignment. It has some soft cushions along the inner sides of the headset brackets that protect your mobile phone from scratches.

It has an adjustment knob that allows you to focus both lenses independently as you move them side to side. This function takes care of the stigmatism problems of your eyes if you are coping with it.

Moreover, its high video quality will provide you the great amusement of the videos like VR rollercoaster and nature.

The headset is compatible with a wide range of phones, including the iPhone 6. It can work with any smartphone having a screen size in the range of 4-6.2 inches.


  • High video quality
  • Usable with small eyeglasses
  • Affordable
  • Decent quality


  • Doesn’t have QRcode for google cardboard

5)    VOX+ Z3 3D VR Goggles

VOX+ 3D VR Goggles is another good piece to buy for having a good quality of vision. It is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece that has admirable features.

Among the many good qualities, its lenses are embedded with eye-protecting anti-radiations. Moreover, it has blue light filters for relieving eye strain. Thus, it has the ability to protect your eye from any harm. 

The headset has superior ventilation to release the heat formed. So, it keeps your smartphone cool even after using it for a longer span. Furthermore, it has high-quality adjustable straps that ensure a comfortable experience of the virtual world. 

Most importantly, you can easily control it to adjust the pupil and sight distance. There are two knobs on the headset that can be used to adjust the distance.


  • Distance adjustment 
  • Comfortable frame
  • Easy to control


  • A bit flimsy quality

Closing Thoughts

Virtual reality has increased the pleasure of gaming and watching videos. It gives you a feeling of being a part of the virtual environment. A few decades ago, VR headsets were quite expensive. But nowadays, some VR headsets are available at an affordable price.

You can use the headset with your smartphone. We have shared the best VR headset for iPhone 6. The features, benefits, pros, and cons are discussed in detail. Now, you can easily enjoy the immersive experience of virtual reality through your iPhone 6.

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