Best Virtual Reality Headset for Movies: The Big 4

What are the best virtual reality headset for movies? We will be covering our top 4 recommendations for top quality movie viewing.

People love to watch movies; therefore, they usually went to a cinema for better quality experience and fun. But now if someone tells you that you can watch movies in a more interesting way. You can be a part of the movie by staying at your home. How amazing this is to hear.

Virtual reality allows you to immerse yourself in the movie, and you will feel that you are physically in the movie. Watching movies on a VR headset is a completely new, interesting, and amazing experience. The use of VR in movies is one of its earliest and oldest applications. Therefore, we recommend you to get the best virtual reality headset for movies.

Nowadays, many video producers, content makers, and filmmakers are focusing on virtual reality because VR is spreading very quickly. Hollywood and different industries are doing many projects on virtual reality. But to watch these 3D movies, you must have a VR headset. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you why you should watch movies in VR and which virtual reality headset is the best for watching movies.

Benefits of the Best Virtual Reality Headset for Movies

Personal Home Theatre

The virtual reality headset is your home theatre. Unlike traditional cinemas, you don’t need to worry about the available seats, timing, and vacations to watch a movie in VR. You need to put a VR headset on your head and enjoy 3D movies way better than cinema and television.

Better Isolation

Watching movies on a VR headset will provide you better isolation than cinema and TV. You can enjoy movies on virtual reality without any interruption. Since most of them have built-in audio and 3D interactive visuals; therefore, you are blown in the VR world and completely isolated from the environment. The virtual reality world is taking gaming to a whole new level.

Quality Video

The quality of video and audio is way far better than any other medium. It provides 3D video and more detail, which is even better than 4K videos. Thus, you can imagine how good the quality of the video is in virtual reality. It really is a great opportunity for us all thanks to this new technology. There are cheaper versions of VR headsets and more high-end options to choose from. The cheaper VR headsets may not offer the level of benefits and features more advanced gamers will want. That being said, they are perfect for children.

Can Be Used Anywhere

There are three types of virtual reality headset: powered through PC, phone headsets, and standalone headsets. Standalone and mobile headsets are simple, and portable can be easily carried anywhere. It means you can enjoy movies anywhere, which is not possible in the case of TV and cinema. These standalone VR headsets are awesome in that it doesn't matter where you want to use them at.

Provides Comfort

Since it is a personal home theatre; therefore, you don’t have to face a massive crowd of cinema. You wouldn’t need to control your emotions because of other people. Thus, providing you more comfort to enjoy movies.


The most VR headsets for watching movies are quite inexpensive, and you will have to pay the price once. While at the cinema you have to pay every time. It will ultimately reduce costs and provide you the best quality experience of watching movies in the virtual world.

Furthermore, prices for virtual reality headsets will vary from model to model. The cheaper versions, obviously, work best for first-time gamers. The higher end models like the Valve Index will set you back just over $2000 USD.

Best Virtual Reality Headset for Movies: Top 4 Products

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

the best virtual reality headset
Photo Credit: Oculus

Oculus go standalone is a wireless portable VR headset. It does need any or PC for its operation. This VR headset is very comfortable and has a standard ergonomic design. It has side and upper head adjustable straps and front face cushions that provide comfort to users. It gives you instant negation and control through its touch control. This one of the best and high rated virtual headset for watching movies because of its crystal clear optics and high graphics. It is specially designed for streaming and enjoying live moments at home.

Oculus is also owned by Facebook. So, you have a company that continues to grow quickly thanks to outstanding financial backing. Facebook has been the leader in social media industry. That being said, the Oculus products are a great option for beginners as well as advanced level gamers. Lastly, the price range is reasonable. The Oculus comes in 32GB and 64GB options to choose from as well.


  • Built-in audio
  • No extra equipment required
  • Easy setup


  • Low battery life

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone

best virtual reality headset for child
Photo Credit: DJG

This VR headset is powered by a phone. It is very light in weight and an inexpensive virtual reality headset. It supports almost all smartphones ranges from 4″ to 6.3″ screen sizes. This device has an overhead adjustable strap and face cushion for comfortable use. It can easily be fitted over children's heads too; therefore, your children can also enjoy the virtual world for their learning, watching kid movies, and gaming. This virtual reality headset is very much inexpensive and worth buying to enjoy the best 3D movies.


  • Low price
  • Supports high-resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Have eye protection


  • Bit uncomfortable
  • Requires headphones

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream, Standalone

Photo Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo mirage solo is also one of the best standalone virtual reality headsets. It means there is no need for a phone or PC to watch movies and enjoy games. Due to its standard ergonomic design and breathable thick nose padding, it is comfortable to use. It is featured with excellent video and audio quality to enjoy movies and games.

Mirage solo is equipped with a powerful processor to enjoy fast gaming and unstoppable streaming. It has limitless access to daydream so that you can enjoy 3D movies and contents in this virtual reality headset.


  • 6 degree of freedom
  • Efficient battery life
  • Wireless


  • A little bit uncomfortable for some users
  • Screen-door effect

Virtual Reality Headset, 3D VR Glasses for Mobile Games and Movies

Photo Credit: Atlasonix

This virtual reality headset is powered through mobile. This is one of the best low prices VR headset for watching movies and playing games in the virtual 3D world. You can enjoy 360 movies and games. It has holes so that the mobile can stay cool. It is compatible with all the smartphones between 4.7 to 6.2 inches screen; therefore, there is no problem with compatibility. This virtual reality headset also has a remote control device for its controlling operation. You can enjoy quality 3D movie streaming through this VR.


  • Low price
  • Easy and simple set up
  • Comfortable
  • Good and clear visuals


  • Some users feel extra weight around the nose

Closing Thoughts

Virtual reality has completely revolutionized the world of film making and streaming. Now both filmmakers and streamers are looking towards virtual reality and spending more money on it. Virtual reality is providing more clarity, details, and first-hand experience of watching movies. In the future, VR will surely replace these existing 2D and high-quality videos by 3D.

So, what model are you searching for? We highly recommend reading our most extensive article on our recommended top virtual reality systems. The reason being is we cover in-depth the top virtual reality systems in the marketplace. We're sure that that article will answer any additional questions you have. Remember, it is your hard earned money and you want to make the best decision before investing.

Brands like Oculus will continue to dominate the market. Why? Well, the company is owned by Facebook. Thus, has a lot of influence within the social space. In addition, they also have two of the top performing virtual reality headsets in the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. One, of which, is mentioned above and the other in numerous other articles we have written here.

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