Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhones

What are the best virtual reality headset for iPhones anyway? Well, we discuss some of our top recommendations below.

What is Virtual reality? It is nothing but one of the greatest experience to feel own self in the world where we are not actually. In simple it means that we will be in our home but we will feel like we are not at our home at that particular moment. We are somewhere else in the world which we are watching on the screen.

Today we are going to discuss here the best VR headset for iPhones. Selecting the best one out of so many similar items are not so easy. At the same time, it is not all so tough also if we know exactly what things under what budget we want. A best VR headset can be selected on the basis of price, features, sturdiness etc. It may vary from person to person. But still, there are some common criteria which we can choose for selecting the best out of all.

Now after clearing these all doubts one more and main questions is now for us.

Which is the Best VR headset for iPhones?

The answer to all the above questions can be answered with one answer. Checking prices, features and many other things of many VR headsets, I reached the final name that is ‘Utopia 360 VR headset'.

There is mainly 3 variant of the utopia 360 VR. They are utopia 360, Elite Edition and 4D+Ar and VR bundles. Here we will mainly discuss the common features and functions of all the variants and will mention the use of another variant wherever it will be required.

Features and functions

The basic variant of Utopia 360 VR consists of one box-like structure. On the front side of this box, there is a dock attached with the metallic door.

On the back of this device, there are cushion pads to rest on eyes with comfort. Inside the box, there are lenses which can be adjusted with the help of screws given on the sides. There is one button also on the top of the box to open the camera for taking pictures when required.

The whole device is laced with a set of straps which covers the areas above and behind the head.

There is one more part of this kit is that blue tooth connector or joystick you can say. It's not attached with the device and can be used separately with the hands.

Best Virtual Reality Headset For iPhones

How to operate this device

To operate this device is pretty simple. All we need to do is to connect the mobile blue tooth with the blue tooth connector of the device. After doing this we need to open any compatible app in the mobile and keep it in the dock and close the door of the dock. Now you are all ready to experience the world beyond imagination. That is the world mixed with both virtual and real-world or say the world of mixed reality.

One more thing is to be noted here that try not to install and open the app after mounting on the head. Do it all before mounting it on the head to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Things we do with this VR headset

This device is very useful in many fields in many ways. Here we will discuss some of its uses in some specific fields in brief.


One of this device uses is as the medium for studying for attending online classes. Using this device we can attend any educational class while sitting in our home with comfort. There is one more feature in the device is that this device can change any foreign language into the language set for the device.

Playing video games

One of the best features of this device is to provide you with the best viewing experience while playing any video game on a supported app. Using this device you will feel as you are inside the game while playing it. One of it's high paid variant comes with the feature of a touch controller and extra cushioned headphones. While using that variant for playing the video game, you can use your gesture to give the various command related to the video game. It will make your video game playing experience more interesting definitely.

If you are planning for a road trip, this device would be a great companion on your trip. Using this device you can make your every normal moment memorable. The experience of being in a virtual world is in the real world is so exciting that everyone would love to experience it at least once in life.


Using this VR technique we can roam at many places without going there in real. It would beneficial especially for those who are not having enough money to go at the desired place but still want to feel the vibes of that place from far.

Even though there are so many good things about it, there are some bad ones also. But the good part is that's all up to us how we make it good or bad.

If we use this device too often, we might get caught by some unknown slow poisonous diseases or bad habits. so the suggestion for using this device would be to not use it all the time to stay away from any uninvited bad outcome in your habits or health.

Last but Not Least

Some times self-analysis also proves to be the best, so if you are still needing any further clearance about the best VR headset for your iPhone and if your budget is a bit high you may try other similar devices from the different brands also. This will let you do a clear analysis between the utopia 360 or other for which you go for.

Does Utopia 360 Work With iPhone

Before getting the answer to the question some main points are needed to be cleared. These points will help us to understand the difference between the virtual and real-world, need of feeling virtual as real, what is utopia 360, some very common uses of utopia 360 etc.

virtual reality

Almost all the day's many of us come across with many things where we do or enjoy the things virtually. How would it be if we could feel the virtual stuffing in real?

There are some devices which makes us really feel real in the virtual world. Visual reality gadgets are the device which makes us feel to be in the same world to which we are enjoying virtually. It helps us in learning, playing etc in a better and more interesting and realistic way.

Utopia 360

utopia 360 s one of such devices which may be used to for fulfilling the purpose of feeling real while being in a virtual world. It makes us feel the virtual world in reality so much that we forget about our present location for a moment.

 Today many organisations use this device for making the learning process interesting and more fruitful.  many people use this app for gaming purpose or photography also which enhances their satisfaction level.

things to be needed to operate it.

Though it is a great device, it actually seems to be lifeless stuff in absence of smartphones or any virtual screen sometimes. It fairly works on smartphones which are powered by iOS or Android.

Does it work with iPhone?

We know now that without a compatible smartphone or screen, it's not possible to use Utopia 360 properly. iPhones are one of those platforms on which utopia 360 works very well.

As the cameras and screens of iPhones are considered to be one of the best of their categories, many people prefer to use iPhones for using this device. YouTube, Google cardboard, Discovery VR etc some the apps which can be enjoyed on Utopia 360 on iPhone platforms.

Does it go on with all the apps?

Utopia 360 does not go well with all the apps. It works only with apps which support the working of this device. There are many apps like youtube, Google street view etc which can be run smoothly on this device.

How does it work?

In this device, there is a dock with a magnetic cover system. We need to put our mobile at the place provided on the dock. The device comes with a remote also. All we have to do is to connect our mobile blue tooth with the remote of the device. Then after we need to open any app on the mobile.

  There are two screws provided at the sides of the device. They can be used for adjusting the gap between two lenses. There is also a setting to set the correct focal length for the best viewing experience.

What can we do with this device?

This device can primarily be used for playing high tech games and taking beautiful 360-degree pictures. Apart from this, the device can also be used for meditation, for the trip of the beautiful places. It makes us forget about the surrounding and takes us in the world sometimes far beyond our imagination.

Although the device has many uses of, its major uses are as follows.


This device helps the students to learn in the real environment. It helps them to understand things more clearly and in an interesting way. Using this device student can see the real and closer images of some very important objects used in education.

The student will feel fully involved in the education educated using this medium. Using this student will find themselves fully focused on the topics to be taught.

 It will always keep them aware of what is happening next. It will also increase their curiosity and will also satisfy it to more extent. Using this they will find the study more interesting and definitely, they will have no choice except to love it.

Playing video games

With the help of this device, one can enter the world of video games without being there actually. It will help you to defeat your enemy in-game in a more realistic way. It will boost the joy of winning a battle of a game. Battle of the game played using this device will make you more aware of your every next move. There are many apps on the iPhone app store where one can choose their favourite games to play. The immersive depth, real looking environment will keep you bounded all the time you play it.


Now suppose you want to be on some other more beautiful place right now. How fast you can go there? And how many times you can go there?

Sometimes going there in real will cost a lot and some times the conditions of weather not allow us to go there.

Some times due to some security reasons we are not allowed to go to some places. But now we can feel the same feeling of being there using this device. It will virtually through you at the place where you want to be and you will feel that just to be real.


Nowadays the trend is wherever we go we do some clicking to keep the memory alive forever or for a long period of time.

Sometimes to do it to let another know that we really were there at some very important place with some very important person at a particular moment.

 But what happens the worst is that at the point of time where we want to have our golden memory captured. But due to the limitation of the normal mobile camera we fail to keep that moment alive forever.

 Here device plays a significant role in capturing unbeatable pictures too. It captures the whole surrounding in one picture. The quality of pictures taken by it can't be compared with other ordinary pictures.

What Virtual Reality Headset should I Buy?

When a person want to buy a VR headset it is very difficult to decide. Every VR headset is not suitable for every person. There are many features of the VR headsets that are liked by one person and disliked by the other. The users want to be comfortable while using any of the VR headsets. They want to enjoy the best virtual graphics. Many of the users use the VR headsets for gaming. Now, these headsets are also used in the field of education. For what purpose the headsets are used depends upon the users but what the users want is to buy the headset that is best for them. 

Some VR headset needs powerful compatible devices to operate and some only need a mobile phone for their operation. Now, there are many standalone VR headsets available in the market. Some of the VR headsets available for the users with high-quality graphics and motion sensors are listed below. These are the best headsets for the users and the features described with the headsets will make you able to make a good decision for buying the best VR headset for you.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony has launched this product to provide the best possible virtual features to its users. This VR headset requires a PlayStation 4 for its operation. The cost of this headset is around 400 dollars. There are many games available in this headset and these headsets when connected with DualShock 4 does not need motion controls. This is one of the best gaming VR headsets. You just need a PlayStation VR, A PlayStation camera, and a PlayStation 4 for the proper functioning of this headset.

HTC Vive

This headset requires a powerful Pc to be connected with. The VR headset can track the body movements in the 10-foot cube. This is an impressive headset. The motion controllers of this headset are very advance. This headset consists of two motion controllers and two base-stations. This headset is a bit expensive. It is a PC tethered headset. This headset cost about 800 dollars. This headset has six degrees of freedom (6DOF). The laser tower is used in this headset for the position tracking of the user. 

Oculus Rift S

This headset has many virtual features that make the headset one of the best VR headsets. This VR headset requires a good gaming PC. The audio and visuals provided by the headset are great. It provides a fantastic gaming experience to the user. It is a user-friendly PC tethered headset. All the sensors are provided on the headset. The user can buy new virtual experiences from the Oculus Store. The design of the Oculus Rift S is very comfortable. The users can have access to many games when using this headset with Oculus Store. The price of this wonderful headset is about 400 dollars. The tracking sensors are the best. 

Oculus Quest

This is a new headset designed by Oculus. It is a standalone VR headset. This VR headset provides six degrees of freedom (6DOF). This headset will save your money as it does not need any compatible device and provides a great gaming experience. This headset has a wonderful feature that it can be paired with other Oculus VR headsets. You can easily play with the person who owns any Oculus VR headset. This headset is for you if want to enjoy the best virtual gaming experience and are pretty serious about your gaming. The price of the headset is around 400 dollars and it provides a middle level of virtual reality for the users. 

HTC Vive Pro

This is a professional VR headset launched by HTC. The headset is an improved version of HTC Vive. This VR headset has much-improved pixel density, graphics, and resolution. It is a wonderful experience for its users. The headset requires a more powerful compatible device for its operation. HTC Vive Pro is more comfortable and provides more entertainment to the users during gaming as compared to HTC Vive. The headset has Hi-Res certified headphones. The sound capabilities are wonderful for the user to feel as he is performing live actions. The cost of the HTC Vive Pro is 800 dollars. It is somehow expensive but the features it provides are unmatchable. 

Acer AH101 Windows Mixed Reality

A new and the latest VR technology with the combination of Windows has shifted a lot of users towards the use of this VR headset. This technology requires Win 10. Acer is a company that provides users with the best features but at a low cost. This headset has a good design. The cost is only 400 dollars. By using this headset the user has complete access to the complete library of Steam. The combination of virtual reality and windows have made the hardware more affordable. Access to the software has also increased. 

HP Mixed Reality Headset

Another option for the mixed reality WMR headset is designed by HP. This headset is very comfortable to use. It is very easy to use. The flip-up visor provides the easy on and off access to the users. The design is funky and sporty. The design of this headset gives it a unique look. The price is very reasonable. Its price is around 500 dollars. The user can have access to many different games via Steam. This a good feature of the headset. Due to this feature, the light which comes from the behind of the headset due flip-up visor can be overlooked. If you are looking for a Windows mixed reality headset then go for the Asus Windows mixed reality headset. 

Closing Thoughts

The selection of the VR headset depends upon how much you can spend on your gaming activity. Some of the VR headsets are cheap lacking some motion controllers. The high price headsets provide comfort to the user and are full of the great virtual world experience. 

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