Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone 6 Plus

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Virtual reality is now being implemented in almost every field. The reason behind such usage of virtual reality is very clear and straightforward. Virtual reality enables people to observe and understand things that are not real but seem real. This is the beauty of virtual reality. The environment is created according to your needs and requirements, and you can carry out tasks of your own. Virtual reality is not only for performing tasks and giving training, but virtual reality is now also being used for entertainment purposes. This entertainment purpose involves gaming, watching the scenery, and 3D movies. People tend to enjoy virtual reality because it freshens their mind and gives them a real experience.

Do VR headsets work with iPhone?

There are multiple sources on which people can enjoy virtual reality. It all depends on a person's budget and needs. If you want to experience virtual reality at a low cost, then you can buy virtual reality glasses that are compatible with smartphones. Today, everyone has a smartphone so let's not count that in expense. Download the proper app/channel for virtual reality and enjoy virtual reality on your smartphone. But if you want a better experience, then you can get a PC and compatible VR glasses. But via PC, your virtual reality glasses will be connected with wires, and it's a struggle to walk around with wires. Lastly, there are also standalone virtual reality glasses that have built-in memory and are wireless; at the same time, they are the most expensive headsets.

Today, we are going to tell you about the best virtual reality headset for iPhone 6 plus. We will also answer the frequently asked questions. Let's start the discussion without further delay.

Is iPhone 6 and 6 Plus VR Compatible?

We all know that Apple is famous for its simple iOS. People who are not even educated can use iPhone very well. The success of Apple is because of its operating system. The iPhone is itself a smartphone that handles heavy usage easily. It is usually compatible with virtual reality glasses, but models like iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 plus and above will give you the best of the experience of VR. You need to get a pair of virtual reality glasses, put your iPhone inside the headset, and enjoy virtual reality. It is that easy. There is no complex configuration and settings to experience virtual reality on the iPhone. The iPhone easily transforms your virtual reality experience into a real one, but you need to get the best virtual reality headset for iPhone 6 plus.

The quality of the virtual reality experience depends on the quality of virtual glasses. It is because a good virtual reality headset will have a good optical lens that can perform transition efficiently. Moreover, some sensors are also a part of the headset and play a vital role in improving your virtual reality experience.

How VR Works On Phone?

It is one of the most intriguing questions for people. People are surprised that their smartphones can render virtual reality, and they only need virtual reality glasses to experience it. Virtual reality headset for the phone is like a projector. You have to put your phone inside and let your phone and VR glasses do the work for you. There is nothing much complicated. Open a VR app and place the phone in your VR headset and start watching things in virtual reality. It is simple to set up a VR on a smartphone.

VR images and videos are different. Your both eyes are fed with a different set of pictures, and your VR headset combines them and makes them virtually available in front of your eye. Such products and applications are specially designed to work with phones that can render them easily, and everyone can enjoy them. For experiencing a virtual reality sequence, you don't need to adjust or configure anything. But newer models of phones will render virtual reality more frequently and without any stuttering. Just pick up your phone and VR glasses and start experiencing the virtual world.

What Virtual Reality Apps You Can Use on Your iPhone?

There are different types of virtual reality content that you can experience on your iPhone. First, some virtual reality scenes are from outer space. You can enjoy the views from space while sitting at home. Such an app is Star Chart: Earth Planet Tour. Moreover, some applications are games. You can also play games in virtual reality. These virtual reality games include End Space VR and Zombie Shooter VR. You can also experience sitting on a roller coaster with the help of a VR Roller Coaster. VR Mojo Orbulus, VR Within, VR Noir, and YouTube are other applications that you can use on your iPhone to experience and enjoy virtual reality.

Is Mobile VR Worth It?

This is a question that many people ask. After getting the answer, they can make their decision. It is right to say that virtual reality is still under development. It is advancing day by day, and soon one day, it will rule over the world. But the virtual reality on your iPhone or smartphone is not worth it according to many reviewers and people that have experienced virtual reality on iPhone. It is because a phone has limited RAM and graphics. You can experience virtual reality, but not to that extent. As compared to a PC and standalone headsets, the quality of virtual reality on iPhones and smartphones is not that good. This is the main reason that virtual glasses that are standalone and compatible with PCs are usually more expensive.

Not many people recommend using virtual reality glasses with iPhones because it is not worth it. You would be wasting your money. But still, to experience VR on a beginner's level and to stay within the budget, it is alright to go for a phone VR headset. However, it all depends on your needs and requirements. Think before you invest in virtual reality because technology is advancing each day.

Types of Virtual Reality Glasses For iPhone 6 Plus

There are many options in the market for virtual reality glasses but fitting an iPhone 6 Plus is a challenge. Not all virtual reality headsets can fit every mobile phone. You need to select the best virtual reality headset for iPhone 6 Plus. This is the reason we have shortlisted some virtual reality headsets that are compatible with iPhone 6 Plus.


As we know, the iPhone 6 Plus is not a new phone. There are many virtual reality glasses on the market that support virtual reality on iPhone 6 Plus, and BNext VR headset is one of them. It is a cheap VR headset that one can go for.

It has a simple design with both horizontal and vertical adjustment belts. So, you can fit this headset to your face easily. According to reviewers and users, this VR headset has a comfortable design, and it also supports exclusive VR content offered by BNext. You will never notice any kind of distortion with this headset. It has the perfect focal distance that is preset and is also unilaterally myopic aligned.


  • Supports iPhone from iPhone 6 till iPhone XS.
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable


  • Poor design
  • Low build quality


It is one of the best virtual reality headsets for iPhone 6 Plus. With the Pansonite VR headset, your eyes are safe and secure. You will not feel any disturbance in your vision. Moreover, it has an adjustable focal distance and pupil so that you can customize your comfort level.

The design of this headset is impressive. It is ergonomic in design. It also has speakers to give an excellent experience. You will also receive a controller with this headset, but you cannot use every function of the controller because of Bluetooth issues in iPhones. Its controller is pretty easy to use, and it enhances the VR experience.

It has a 90-120˚ field of view, which is commendable. It's perfect for enjoying VR videos and games. You can also wear glasses while using the headset.


  • Good build quality
  • Adjustable focal distance and pupil distance
  • Provides high-resolution display


  • Expensive
  • A little heavy


It is another virtual reality headset that supports iPhone 6 Plus. It supports all smartphones between 4.5 to 6.5 inches. The beauty of this headset is its adjustable double lens. It is perfectly cushioned and provides easy and comfortable wear to the user. Children can also use this headset; therefore, it's perfect for giving on birthdays. The lens of the headset will not affect the vision if used under control.

The design of this headset is good looking and robust. Moreover, the lenses used in this headset are of high quality, and they provide an impeccable virtual experience to the user.


  • Good looking design
  • Compatible with different range of phones
  • Adjustable double lens


  • Fit is not satisfactory
  • The cushion can wear off in months

Closing Thoughts

iPhones can be a little difficult to handle if you are a new user. Its operating system is not that difficult, but it is rather simpler. iPhones can render virtual reality easily due to their good performance processor. There are different types of VR headsets available in the market that are the best virtual reality headsets for iPhone 6 Plus. There are many VR glasses and VR applications that can fulfill your needs of virtual reality experience.

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