Best Virtual Reality Headset for Computer Use in 2023

What is the best virtual reality headset for computer use going to be in 2023?

The joy of computer gaming on virtual reality is unbeatable. You might have used virtual reality headsets to play games on the headset's store or mobile. But there is no comparison between computer virtual reality gaming and mobile gaming. Virtual reality on the computer takes you to a new world with high-quality graphics and famous games. PC games are far more detailed with high-quality graphics and effects.

You can use controllers to translate your hand gestures and movements to the game. Everything looks real in such kind of virtual gaming. We recommend you have virtual reality gaming experience on PCs. Thus, we are going to tell you how you can get the best virtual reality headset for a computer.

Benefits of the Best Virtual Reality Headset for Computer Use

There are some benefits of the best virtual reality headset for computers. Let’s discuss some of them.

High-quality Graphics

PC virtual reality games and their compatible headsets have very high-quality graphics. They have detailed and explanatory effects that look like reality. You can enjoy the gaming experience like a character in the game. These will take you to a new world of gaming.


You wear the virtual reality headset; therefore, it should be comfortable to wear. They have adjustable straps and lens adjustment to fit on your head. The foam padding in many headsets allows you to wear the headset for a long time, so you can enjoy gaming. The weight of the headset also matters, the lighter the weight, the better it will be.

Accurate Controls

For the best gaming experience and joy, virtual reality headsets have controllers. With the help of these controllers, you can control your hands and gestures in the virtual world. This provides you a more interesting and joyful experience of gaming. You can position controller in a manner like you are using a gun, arrow or anything in the game. Most controllers also have actuators, so you can also feel an impact in the form of vibration.

Easy to Setup

We consider that the best virtual reality headset for the computer should have an easy setup. Most people complain about the setup. Especially beginners get confused after getting a headset. They don’t know to troubleshoot the problems and issues. So, the set up should be straight forward and simple.

Our Top Virtual Reality Headset for Computer Use: Top 4 Products

We are going to list some of the best virtual reality headsets for the computer to save you time and energy. After researching for some hours, we came up with these best-rated headsets. We will mention the features, pros, and cons of each product.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality Headset

This virtual reality headset has high-quality graphics to provide you mesmerizing gaming experience. The resolution of both the eyes is 2880 x 1660 at 615 PPI which fools you to believe virtual reality as a real world. It has a built-in tracking system to tracks your movements, so you will not need any extra external sensors to play PC games. The SteamVR tracking covers every angle to give you a real experience of the virtual world.

It also has headphones for audio; thus, you will not need an external headphone with this headset. For your comfort, it is designed ergonomically, you can adjust it according to your comfort. You also get free access to VR games and apps for a limited time.


  • 110˚ Field of View (FOV)
  • Built-in Headphones
  • High-quality graphics
  • Adjustable lens distance
  • Compatible with glasses


  • Low-quality audio
  • Not wireless

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

This is PC powered gaming headset with controllers as well. Many headsets have a screen door effect which does not allow you to get memorable gaming experience. But it has a greater quality graphics with reduced screen-door effect. There are no sensors required, it keeps tracks of everything on its own. Its tracking translates your movements accurately in the virtual world. It has two controllers as well to control gestures. The ergonomic design is comfortable with padding that allows you to wear the headset for a long time. Moreover, there are many games on the store.


  • High-quality display
  • Accurate movement translation
  • Reduced scree-door effect
  • Comfortable


  • Not wireless
  • No headphones

Dell – Visor Virtual Reality Headset and Controllers for Compatible Windows PCs

This is a virtual reality headset that has padding at the back, so you can use it for a long time. There are no straps, you can easily adjust the headset using the knob on its back. You can connect headphones with it via 3.5mm jack. In many headsets, you will find either an HDMI port or a USB port, but this one has both. The best thing of the headset is its flip-up design, so you can flip the screen whenever you want without taking it out. There are two controllers to translate the hand gestures and movements smoothly.


  • Flip-up design
  • Excellent resolution (1440 x 1400)
  • Extra comfortable
  • Good built quality


  • Requires windows
  • No headphones

HTC Vive Cosmos 

HTC Vive Cosmos is a comfortable virtual reality headset that allows you to adjust it according to your comfort. It also has headphones to give you a real experience and you do need extra headphones for this. It has a high-quality resolution which is 2880 x 1700, so everything looks detailed and clear.

Moreover, you can also adjust IPD according to your comfort. most people struggle with it IPD adjustment with various headsets but this one has settings to adjust it. You can use this headset for a long time because it has ventilation is spots to keep you fresh.


  • Hand Controllers
  • Flip-up design
  • Extra comfortable
  • Adjustable IPD


  • Tracking issue with some buyers

Closing Thoughts

PC gaming gives you distinct joy and a wonderful experience. Nothing can beat it, we recommend you try PC virtual reality gaming with the best virtual reality headset for computer. You will have a mesmerizing experience.

We have listed some of the best products that we think worth the money. There are pros and cons of every product for your help. Enjoy the gaming world with the best virtual reality headset for the computer.

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