Best Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone in 2023

What are the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone in 2023?

When we look back in the history of virtual reality, it almost feels impossible where we are today. From the early developments of arcade-like virtual booths to stereoscopic videos, VR is now capable of almost everything. Back in the days, there were no motion tracking sensors due to which immersive virtual reality was impossible to attain.

Then, Head Mounted Devices (HMD) came into existence that used head and motion tracking systems which helped the user to interact with the virtual environment. These HMDs were very heavy and expensive; away from the hands of a common man. After the development of immersive virtual reality, developers used it for many purposes. Now there are many types of headsets available, and today we are going to discuss the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone.

Due to the developments, people now know what virtual reality is and what it can do. They understood that it can be used in many fields and can serve humanity in many aspects. Developers and designers have worked very hard and made virtual reality a unique thing that can help people in many ways. 

Use of Virtual Reality

Before we discuss the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone, we would like to discuss some of the uses of virtual reality to tell you its importance. Some of the various uses of virtual reality in many fields are listed below.


Virtual reality is a thing of joy. Besides gaming, a source of entertainment for people in sports. The passion people show for sports all around the world is amazing. So, developers thought why not use virtual reality to provide people with a more realistic and live experience of sports while sitting at home. The virtual environments of multiple stadiums in the world are now available via many applications that users can download and experience watching a live match from the stadium.

Not only this, virtual reality allows a professional sportsman to train under many obstacles. The sportsman can train as he likes based on the virtual simulation rendered through virtual reality goggles. Virtual reality also keeps a track of analytics and performance of the sportsman so that he can improve his personal best score.


As virtual reality is working for almost every industry, then why not education? Developers with the help of researchers and teachers came up with an idea to use Virtual Reality to teach students. It is a great approach because children always show interest in new technology. And it is also important for us to keep our children updated otherwise they won’t know what is happening in the World.

Virtual reality helps the children to experience an environment that is immersive and according to their needs. Some virtual environments are made for special children that have autism, to motivate these students to practice their skills through virtual reality. Many of the children lack confidence. So, virtual reality allows these students to build their confidence by presenting in front of a huge crowd. This develops confidence in students so that they can make eye contact with the crowd without any hesitation.

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The use of virtual reality goggles in the medical industry is very crucial and important. The idea of the developers to introduce virtual reality in the field of medicine is a remarkable idea. Through virtual reality, medical professionals are given training on how to deal with an emergency and how to perform a surgery or an operation.

This training helps the medical staff to learn the basics of surgery so that they don’t make any mistakes in real life. By the use of this training through virtual reality, no life is put in danger and the medical professionals master their technique and skills using this training simulation.

Virtual reality is not only for the medical industry to provide training to the medical staff. But it also helps the doctors or therapists to treat many patients easily. By immersing the patient in a virtual environment under observation according to their respective conditions to treat them. Most patients that are suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic disorders are put into virtual environments where the therapist treats them easily.


The military staff is using virtual reality too. They have arranged many virtual simulations to put their new coming and amateur staff in training. Countries that are ahead in technology and power are using virtual reality to enhance their military and defensive power. Many flight simulations are developed to train young pilots so that they can counter any situation that may fall upon them.

Some virtual simulations relate to battlefield conditions and how they can tackle it. These pieces of training are of vital importance as militants and soldiers are put into training that is not real so they do not get injured during this training. These training are very important as young military staff gets to know every possible situation that may come during their life. Whether it be related to flight conditions or battlefield. Virtual reality has a solution for all.


The most important use of virtual reality is in the gaming industry. The initial focus of the developers was to create a good experience for gamers. Since virtual reality is in development from the last few decades, the gaming experience has been increasing since then. The early developments for virtual reality gaming were gaming booths with head-mounted devices. But as these were not that much of a success, they became obsolete.

After that many improvements change the reality of gaming. There come many consoles and virtual reality goggles that provide an immersive experience to the gamer. The experience depends on the virtual reality app and the in-depth capability of the virtual reality goggle. Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive are popular headsets that can be used for gaming.

So, the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone must cater to your own preferences. Also, they should never break the bank account.

What Features Should the Best Virtual Reality Goggles For iPhone Possess

To experience the best virtual environment, you need to have an iPhone 6 or later models. Besides this, a virtual reality goggle is required that is compatible with the iPhone. For the VR goggle to work, you need to download VR applications using the AppStore.

Depending upon you, any virtual reality application can be downloaded whether any gaming application or a tourism VR application. This depends on you, what virtual reality environment you want to experience. The best virtual reality goggles for iPhone are those that contain the following features.

Compatibility of the VR Headset

Many of the best virtual reality goggles use an HDMI cable through a PC to render 3D simulation onto the virtual reality goggles. But to use the VR goggle with iPhone, it is important to check if the VR goggle is compatible with the iPhone or not. So, to buy a perfect VR google for iPhone, research and check if the headset is compatible with an iPhone. The compatibility of the VR goggle is an important thing to take into consideration when buying a VR goggle for an iPhone.

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The Size Compatibility Of The iPhone

As from on iPhone 6, the company launched a bigger PLUS version. We all know that the virtual reality goggle for any smartphone has a slider or compartment. This slider or compartment is used to slide the phone into the VR goggle. As the screen of the iPhone is used as the main source of display for a virtual environment, the iPhone must fit perfectly in the VR headset. The best virtual reality goggle for iPhone are those that fit all of its models perfectly and give the user an experience to enjoy.

Capability and Resolution of The VR Goggle

The virtual reality goggle that works with the iPhone has a simple structural design. The exterior of the VR headset is of a plastic material or even cardboard (refer to Google Cardboard). The main objective of the virtual reality goggle that works with an iPhone is the lense.

These lenses are the ones that transform the simple flat screen of the smartphone display into an in-depth and immersive experience. The best virtual reality goggle for iPhone should have the best resolution and capability to provide ease to the human eye while giving an immersive experience to the user. As lenses play an important role in the virtual reality to create a depth display, it is important to consider the resolution of the lenses.

FOV (Field of View)

A human eye has 220-240 degrees of field of view. According to this figure, a virtual reality goggle should at least have a FOV of 100 degrees so that the display can be good enough for the viewer to view. Otherwise, it would be a simple screen to look at. The field of view is the capability of the eye to see things through a 3D vision. The field of view plays an important role in creating depth in a virtual environment. Make sure to ensure the field of view of a virtual reality goggle before buying it as it will have a massive impact on the vision of the user.

Adjustable Focal Lenses

As virtual reality is progressing and improving each day, many facilities and services are added to the virtual reality goggles. Focal lenses act as a major tool that helps the user to experience a virtual environment using an iPhone. The focus of these lenses is also important to ensure the clarity and depth of the virtual environment. Now, the virtual reality goggle is coming with an adjustable focal lens that allows the user to adjust the distance of the lenses between 55-75 mm. The user just needs to adjust these lenses once according to his eye so the vision of the virtual environment can be enhanced.

Built-in Headphones

For a headset to be the best virtual reality google for iPhone, it needs to have 3D stereo speakers. Most of the high-end VR goggles have this feature that adds to the immersion of the virtual environment. It allows the user to hear from different directions. The user could feel where the voice or audio is coming in the virtual environment. This helps the user to understand and experience a more realistic virtual environment. This feature is a must if you are looking to buy a VR goggle that is best suited for an iPhone.

A VR Google Should Have A Perfect Fit

This is the most underrated feature of a virtual goggle for a smartphone. The VR headsets before lacked this capability due to which they became obsolete. For a perfect fit, the VR goggle should have strap-ons and belts on it to ensure that the VR goggle will not fall off the face of the user. These strap-ons should be adjustable as the size of the human head varies according to every individual, these VR goggles should fit every individual perfectly.

Besides giving a perfect fit, a VR goggle should support the human face and smartphone. Once the headset is mounted on the head and the smartphone is put into the headset, the fit of the goggle should not become loose. After putting the headset, it should remain like that to ensure the fit and support to the user.

The Comfort Of VR Google

One of the most important features of the VR goggle is its comfortability. Anyone that uses a VR headset watches videos or movies for a long time. To wear the VR goggle for a long time, the VR goggle should be comfortable. If not, then the user won’t be able to wear it for a long period.

New VR headsets have foam on the inside to ensure the comfortability of the headset. A new feature of nose support is introduced that reduces the pressure of virtual reality goggles on the face of the user and provide comfort. The best virtual reality goggles should have the best comfortability. If you wear glasses, then make sure that the headset can accommodate them.

Weight of the VR Goggle

The weight of the virtual reality goggle is directly related to comfort. If the goggle is heavy, it will frustrate the user and put him under a condition of discomfort. So a virtual reality goggle should be light in weight. It will allow the user to wear it more often and enjoy it.

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Durability of The Virtual Reality Goggle

As of today, our children are more involved in technology than us. We should allow them to use virtual reality goggles. They will get the awareness of the technology that is coming towards them. When we talk about the best virtual reality goggle, we need to consider its durability. A virtual reality goggle should be strong; strong enough to withhold a drop. It be should be drop-proof and robust in design. The durability ensures a long life of the device. The best virtual reality goggle for iPhone should be strong in design and durable to ensure the long run.

Easy Set-Up

A virtual reality goggle should be easy to set-up. Nobody likes to waste his time in setting up the device. The device should be plug-n-play. As everyone has a busy life, VR goggle is to provide entertainment to the user and make them feel away from all the hustles of life. If the set-up is hard and complicated, it will ruin the joy and time of the user. To provide the user with an entertaining experience, the set-up of the VR goggle should be easy.

Built Quality of VR Goggles

A good pair of virtual reality goggles for the iPhone should have the best design and structure. To ensure the quality of the VR goggle, the company should use premium materials that ensure good quality. The best virtual reality goggles for iPhone are those that have the best quality of the material. They should have a robust and durable design.


The best virtual reality goggles for iPhone should ensure good quality and features. These features include a good field of view, an amazing frame rate, a comparable refresh rate, low latency, and a high resolution. These features make sure the depth and immersive-mess of the virtual environment.

If anyone of these features is missing, then the user will experience a lag or stutter in the display that will ruin the VR experience for them or even cause motion flow defects. The best goggles are those that deliver every feature according to the need of the virtual environment.

Besides these features, there are certain secondary requirements for being the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone. These may include the comfortability, durability, fit, design, adjustable focal lenses, easy set-up, compatibility, build quality, and weight of the VR goggle.

A perfect VR goggle is that delivers everything when needed. Multiple VR devices and goggles are available in the market, but not all are the best. So, if you want to buy the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone, then make sure that it has the above features.

Virtual reality is still under development and is improving day by day. We can expect more realistic VR experiences throughout phones. But it will need new technology both in our smartphones and VR goggles. Developers are working hard to make virtual reality goggle popular in the world and people should know the importance of it.

So, we hope this post on the best virtual reality goggles for iPhone has been helpful for you. Click the link below for the latest prices available on Amazon.

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