What is The Best Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone?

What is the best cheap virtual reality headset for iPhone use? Well, you are certainly not the first to ask this question. We asked the same question ourselves and found the right headset that worked perfect for us.

In this 21st century, everyone wants to experience virtual reality. Virtual reality takes you to a new world where you can enjoy and experience the real fun of gaming, streaming, and applications. There are many virtual reality headsets available in the market, but the main issue is compatibility.

You would love to have such a headset that is compatible with your phone. The second issue is the price; virtual reality headsets are very costly. If you are finding the solutions to these problems and you are an iPhone user, then you are in the right place. We are going to tell you about the best cheap virtual reality headset for an iPhone.

Things You Need to Know about the Best Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

You should know about these things before you get the best cheap virtual reality headset for an iPhone. We are going to tell you a few things that might clear your confusion. We will try to answer the questions that will help you understand more about the best cheap virtual reality headset for an iPhone.

Can you use any iPhone with VR headsets?

You cannot use any model of iPhone with the VR headset. You need to check which iPhone is compatible with it. Typically, you will find the list of compatible phones in the description. If you have a new model of iPhone and that is not listed in the description, then you can ask the seller or manufacturer about it. Moreover, there is a range of screen sizes mentioned with the headsets. If your iPhone screen is in the range, then you can use it. Always check the compatible phone list before buying any headset.

How can I use my iPhone with the VR headset?

It is straightforward; you need to put your iPhone inside the headset. There is a proper place in the front part of the headset. You can place your phone there, and you are ready to go. If you want to use the headphone, then you can also connect it with your phone. After putting the phone, you can wear the headset to enjoy the 3D world.

Are These Headsets Wireless?

Most of these headsets are wireless; they are just like glasses or goggles. You don’t need to charge them. You will need to charge your phone only. In many headsets, there are slots at the sides from where you can connect the charger or headphones.

What can I do with the best cheap virtual reality headset for iPhone?

The virtual reality headset provides you 3D effects; you will have a 360˚ visual experience. You can enjoy VR videos and VR games in it. Further, you can watch high-resolution videos on it. Most VR headsets support 4K resolution, as well. These are excellent to enter the world of virtual reality. You can take them as a gift for kids. They will enjoy it a lot and have fun in the playtime.

Best Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone: Top 4 Products

We are going to list some best cheap virtual reality headsets for iPhone. We will mention the pros, cons, and features of every product for your ease.

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone

This VR headset is compatible with every iPhone that has a screen in the range of 4” to 6.3”. It will give you a 360˚ experience of games and videos. It is incredible for kids as well, and you can present this headset as a gift. You can enjoy high-quality resolution videos, including 4K videos. The best thing about the headset is its eye protection feature, which keeps away the harmful rays. It is also compatible with glasses, but you can also adjust the lenses according to your comfort. It has comfortable and adjustable straps. Your whole family can use this VR headset.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Lens adjustment
  • Excellent manufacturer support
  • High Resolution


  • You need to take out the phone case

Virtual Reality Headset, 3D VR Glasses

What is The Best Cheap Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone
Photo Credit: BNext

This is an excellent VR headset for iPhone. It is lightweight and comfortable; you can wear it for a long time. Moreover, it has padding on it so that you can wear it without any disturbance. It supports high-resolution videos as well to give you immense pleasure while watching a movie. You can also use it with your glasses. It is very easy to use; even children can use it. You can also adjust the lens to make it clearer and more visible. It is compatible with devices that have a screen size in the range of 4.7”-6.2”.


  • Easy to use
  • Clear visuals
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • No controller comes with it

DESTEK V5 VR Headset

Photo Credit: Destek

DESTEK is compatible with many iPhones, including iPhone 11. All iOS and Android devices with screen sizes in the range 5.5”-6.5” are compatible with it. The headset is very comfortable with an adjustable strap and a removable face mask at the front. You can enjoy gaming and videos in 360˚. It has openings on both sides, which help to keep your phone cool. You can also connect your headphones from these openings. If you wear glasses, then you can also use the headset with glasses. It has 110˚ FOV for a better 3D experience. You also get a controller with it, but that can only be used in the player mode with an iPhone.


  • Anti-blue light coating for eye protection
  • Comfortable strap design
  • Excellent picture quality


  • The controller does not work fully with an iPhone
  • Uncomfortable for long use

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones 

Photo Credit: DJG

This headset is fantastic for playing games and watching videos. It can also support high resolutions up to 4K. You can use it with phones that have screens from 4”-6.2”. You can also use it with glasses, but it has lens adjustment, so you might not need to use glasses.

It also has eye protection feature to keep your eye protected from hazards. It is comfortable; the front part has a breathable foam that allows you to use it without any hassle. This is suitable for children as well. You also get access to VR games and applications to enhance your experience.


  • Comfortable
  • Supports high resolution
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer service


  • No controller with the product

Closing Thoughts

While buying a virtual reality headset, you need to take care of compatibility and price. For your ease, we have discussed the best cheat virtual reality headset for iPhone. We have also listed some products that will help you select the best item. The pros, cons, and features of every product are mentioned. Enjoy virtual reality with the best cheap virtual reality headset.

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