Are Virtual Reality Headsets Bad For You?

Are virtual reality headsets bad for you? We generally think there isn't anything wrong with using virtual reality. That being said, we also stress to use this new technology in moderation. It is very addicting so keep that in mind prior to getting involved with it.

The question above seems to be very easy to be answered. But what happens, in reality, we can't decide exactly. Before judging the answer we need to see both the sides of this concept. VR concept has some very unique features which make our work easier and better. But along with that, there are many issues which need to be thought about before entering this world blindly. Just like a coin has two faces, all the things have two faces good and bad. The good aspects of the VR concept we all know to a great extent. But what about the other face of this concept?

Virtual reality is a concept of feeling virtual world in real. Though it's very helpful for most of us in many ways, it might prove harmful also.

Some of the main disadvantages of this concept are as follows

Separation From the Real World

Virtual reality gives us the feeling of being real in the virtual world. One way it removes our loneliness and provide us with gathering but the thing is not just what I mentioned above. On many cases, it may create the loneliness outside the game and gathering just inside the game, which may put a bad effect on the social lives of people.

 Many people using this VR concept get separated from the real world and gets connected with the virtual world more. With more and more uses their connection with the real world become voids and they just think about the virtual world.

Create the Addiction

Sometimes this concept works in the same way as sleeping medicine. sleeping medicines are good sometimes when you are not getting asleep. But the problems arise when you get asleep only with the help of medication. In the same way, this virtual reality concept hits us sometimes. While using it all day we don't realise what would happen if one day we will leave this concept for someday or forever. Day by day we may keep going to be habituated of this concept in a negative way. It's not possible to do all the things virtually but what if our minds become not ready for this.

Prices Will Vary

Though it's been said that educational classes conducted via VR seem to be more effective than normal classroom classes, it's not possible for everyone to afford the cost of the set up of virtual classrooms. The Valve Index is over $2000 but the Oculus is under $200 so you have to find what works best for you. We all have different budgets.

Here one setup is  used by the one individual mostly. If we plan to take the normal classes just as the VR classes, billions of the dollars will be spent and even then we can not be sure that 100℅ desired outcome will come. So, are virtual reality headsets bad for you? We think if used in moderation there are many benefits to this technology.

Be Flexible When It Comes to VR

In virtual classes or games, we are expected to do task according to some programmed commands and at a scheduled time. Before or after that there is no use of the specific command to be performed or the task to be done. In addition, sometimes we are supposed to act just like the puppet whose actions are initiated not from inside the body but by the strings in others hands.

In a normal classroom, we are able to take help with our classmates and teachers any time when needed. Also, the VR concept after a proper time duration or even during the class we are not able to do so most of the time. Are virtual reality headsets bad for you? No but you have to be mindful of how often you are using the technology. Why? It is very addicting much like video gaming.

In this system, we have no flexible schedule. Everything needs to be done here within the given time. We can't take help of others to complete the given task. We are all alone here to do our every work. No, any companion would be here to help us in need or to clear the confusion at the very instant of time.

Health Issues

Using the VR concept may put some very bad effects on our health. People using it may have some extra fat on their bodies as most of the time of this VR session keeps them at rest which causes no work to be done.And we all know that accumulation of fat in the body is not good at all. Most of the sessions of the classes taken via VR concept do not involve much movement of body parts which may result of the failure of many tissues and organs which further causes the loss of bucks and health both.

 In all the VR session whether it is classroom session or video games, it requires the continuous attention and focus of the eye on the screen. Exposure of the eye to the light for so long may also damage some very sensitive nerve cells of the eye. In some cases, it may prove to be fatal for the eye if proper medication and prevention would not be taken at the proper time.

Closing Thoughts

One more health problems associated with this VR concept is the radiation problem. Most VR sessions are operated with the help of mobile and we all know that all the mobiles produce harmful radiation more or less. The continuous and long presence of the body in such an environment also creates lots of problems in the body.

Now as we have discussed here mostly about the disadvantages of the VR system, does this mean the VR system is bad? should we stop using this ever so increasing technique? If there are so many bad things associated with this system, why people are crazy about it? The answer to all these questions is, No. We should not stop using the VR concept of learning, playing games and doing other stuff. But as we all know one more thing that is the excess of anything is bad. So we must use the VR concept in a balanced way. It will surely let us fly in the sky without forgetting where we actually belong and in this way all the probable negative outcome of using VR can be diminished to a great extent.

So, are virtual reality headsets bad for you? We hope this post has provided some additional insight to help you in answering this question.

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